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Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Interior WIP Lake Austin House
« on: 2013-06-19, 00:08:29 »
How "old" ;- ) ? The best fixie 3d model is at design-connected or this one is decent too

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Better CPU multithreading support?
« on: 2013-06-18, 23:48:00 »
The E5 result looks pretty bad...something I was quite worried about. Judging by 3930k unclocked score of roughly 5mil rays, the dual top E5 should easily scale to atleast 10. They quite do so in all synthetic tests, and practical Vray benchmarks too.

Off-Topic / Re: Your OTHER renderer?
« on: 2013-06-18, 23:38:38 »
Uff, Octane, then Vray. Some stint with Maxwell as well :- )

I've been trying the bidirectional, but in every mode I tried (Bidi pathtracing, VCM,..) it seems materials that I have high fresnel number on (40), eg my metals, mirrors, render pure black in color.
The scene is lit by HDR and portal lights.
I can't seem to find anything much about bidirectional mode searching the forum. Anyone can share some light :- ) ?

You can share the image directly, not through upper web link but instead click on the image, "copy image location", you can also put it in [img] then here. Atleast I think it should work

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona Alpha4 Benchmark scene
« on: 2013-06-16, 19:18:18 »
In simpler scenes, i4770 might come close to i3930, but in no way are they at equal perfomance in Vray :- ), wtf. I have both 3930k and 3770k (5perc. slower than 4770) and difference is exactly where it should be, close to 40perc.

Anyway, can anyone test it at current Xeon generation ? Is there any problem in perfomance scaling to dual cpus or xeon platform ? For example in 2x2867 E5 Xeons (16cores=32 threads).

Actually I decided never to compete again after I wasted lot of money and time last summer on Ronen's Berlin comp :- D But atleast I got cool trip...but they had really worthy price.

This competition isn't really much prestigious, and timeline is too long, but I like the house, and will give it 3-4 days to test out some new trees and how Corona handles that :- ) (Seems pretty well from Deadclown's thread!)

With little time, we had to create Bonaldo Tufty-time sofa in cloth finish. It's kind of hard, even for Marvelous, but I am quite happy with result like this. Courtesy to Veronika

Already playing with Alpha5. Funny my scene didn't render correctly, so I opted for merging into new scene, and than it rendered correctly again. Filtering Yes or No still cause me some confusion, so at the moment, all maps are unfiltered at 0.1 except for bump which is filtered at 0.1 on summed area.

I guess also bidirectional isn't suitable for this type of scene ? It seems impressively noisy compared to simple path tracing, so I guess it benefits only for much complicated lightning ? Little light sources and caustics,etc.

Still incredibly happy for this renderer.


Final version :

(Edit: Full project can be seen here: )

awesome! can you please share your metal material settings with us via jpgs? thanks

Dark diffuse with slight microstripes; Tiles 2048px jpeg

Specular with slight microstripes; Tiles 2048px jpeg; For clean reflection, just use single color ;- )

Material Settings : Fresnel IOR:40, Reflection: Texture, or color, Anisotrophy:0,4 (weak), rotation 90, Glossiness: 0,9 (just experimental)

Nothing else :- )

Gallery / Re: First renders - Paris apartment early previews
« on: 2013-06-15, 01:20:13 »
another great artist here. nice first render Juraj. maybe you can do a corona version of your white bedroom :)

Yea, I plan on re-rending some other works when slight bit of free time comes :- ) It's easy and fun and I love the unbiased results, actually what I wished for since I left Octane times ago !

[Archive] Alpha Builds / Re: Corona Alpha v5 released!
« on: 2013-06-15, 01:04:05 »
Hmm. After V5 one of my projects is crashing to desktop when i just try to add a coronaMtl to a Blend Shader ( i am doing this all the time using corona)...

     So, i tried this same file on another computer (work) and it worked ok. No problems....
      The only difference between the 2 3dsMax installs is that my machine at work had V4 before and then V5 (no daily builds installed) and my machine at home has all the daily builds installed on over another...RC1, RC2, Rc3...RC9...and then Alpha V5...

        Is there any relationship ??

I wasn't sure either if I should just install over daily build, whether it would over-write all or whether I should manually delete the older daily build.

[Archive] Alpha Builds / Re: Corona Alpha v5 released!
« on: 2013-06-14, 21:12:09 »
that's awesome! thanks!!!
unfortunately, i ve got here my first crash in the process of render))
when i  tried to downscale picture in corona's framebuffer max crashed. repeated this operation 3 times, every time max died...

Same here, already few crashes too when zooming in frame-buffer.

2nd Skies series aren't HDRi, they're just hemispherical jpegs. They're HDRis on other hand are bit old and dated, they claim some of them go up to 16stops in range...but I haven't been impressed at all. They're 10k, which is more than PG, but more blurrier, taken with older dslrs. The CG-Source are taken by the guy running hdri-locations, Thomas Suurland, and it's different league in quality to all other on market.

Trust me, I've bought most of PG skies, even 2 full collections of Dutch Skies, which are used in every Hollywood blockbusters..but for pure archviz lightning, the quality you get in Cg_Source (16k of super sharp, broad range of EVs) can't be outmatched. No gamma tweaking necessary at all to boost contrast (like you would do with PG's hdri).

The highlights are awesome ! True highlights, while keeping translucency was something impossible for me to obtain In Vray with 2sided mat.

Would you mind sharing a bit of the shader setup ? Is it just the translucency with thin leaf geo ? I am far from any exterior project, but foliage is my obsession, and I will eventually go back to conquering it.

I can only confirm CG-Source is over-the-top best HDRi on the market. Both the fully sphericals like above, and the separate hemispherical Skies.
The resolution (16000px + !), clarity, dynamic range, is so far ahead from anything else there is, even much better than P Guthries's one.

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