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these tubies supposed to be more like penne rigate (furrowed ones), :-)  back in good old times in socialistic Yugoslavia all that pasta thingies has the same name  MAKARONE and sizes varies from nano tubes to storm water drainage pipe  :-D  and when I was a kid I always asked my self why are so pale and white  in comparison with those ones in american movies?! later on i realized they made it without eggs :-D

just kidding, - most probably you are very right about the size, and i will check it on Sunday... i made one in couple minutes, instance it couple dozens and with mass fx drop 'em all in the jar..   everything was in fly with something else, that i not even measured that first one..  :-D

When i finish playing Rambo out here :-) and get back to civilization in Sunday, i will be more than glad to post screenshot of my liquid material. I think that falloff map in refraction is probably most crucial...  but anyway, we will talk about it in Sunday, after my post


Gallery / Re: Craftsman Gig
« on: 2014-03-19, 11:08:04 »
So cute! 

[Archive] Alpha Builds / Re: Alpha v6 released
« on: 2014-03-18, 11:58:32 »
Happy as a dog in elevator ! ;-)
Thank you

Work in Progress/Tests / origano or chocolate
« on: 2014-03-17, 20:16:17 »
still making some kitchen set, but this time i was a bit hungry.    And yes, tiny crumbs aren't origano, it suppose to be grated chocolate :-D

Thank you very much Romullus.    - Yeah, i should learn to abstain from unnecessary PS torture of innocent raw renderings..  :-D       Any advice to make pasta more believable ?

Work in Progress/Tests / last jar of beetroot this winter
« on: 2014-03-14, 00:45:30 »
I am making some kitchen stuff for some project, and as it's a bit exhausting, i needed something sweet&sour...    8-)
These are couple of test renders to check things....   so if you guys notice something eyes hurting please alarm :-)

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: woolmark
« on: 2014-03-12, 10:10:47 »
And, it was there in front of my eyes, since always?!?  Great! I could have died without knowing it's there!.... :-D 
Thank you maru very much indeed!

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: woolmark
« on: 2014-03-12, 08:18:12 »
Nice work ! CA is not overdone here it doesn't hurt my eyes even if it's a bit visible in the bottom of the table but i like it anyway , Bravo !
Thanks Chakib, i really appreciate!

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: woolmark
« on: 2014-03-12, 08:15:15 »
under  filters in PS you have Lens corrections filter (ctrl+shift+R) and pick a "custom" drop-down palette....  feel free to play with sliders,  but i attached printscreeen with position that i prefere most...  :-)

i hope this would be useful, cheers!

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: woolmark
« on: 2014-03-12, 00:56:12 »
it was added in PS...  I overdo it, didn't i? :-D 

Work in Progress/Tests / woolmark
« on: 2014-03-12, 00:12:38 »
I did some quick testing, for some work in progress, and i liked the image actually, and decided to show here...

Gallery / Re: interior test_by magicbox
« on: 2014-03-08, 16:15:34 »
very nice renderings!

Gallery / Re: ocean view
« on: 2014-03-07, 19:46:08 »
2. it's very easy to add contrast in post, but pretty much impossible to remove it. I see no problem here.
that's very true!

any thoughts about problem 1 , maybe !?

Gallery / Re: ocean view
« on: 2014-03-07, 19:24:44 »
Thank you very much guys!
 Generally i had a bunch of problems, but  for two i couldn't find a solution...
1. persistent noise on "glossy" surfaces that are close to any source of artificial light (lights/emission mat)
2. very flat images, - constant lack of contrast and rich middle tons

As  you probably noticed images are subjected to severe torture in PS  :-D, ( biggest part from my ignorance of proper post-processing )

 any suggestions are more than welcome

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