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[Max] I need help! / Re: Render Time
« on: 2020-09-11, 13:54:40 »
Overall scene albedo plays a big role in lighting composition and render times as well. In the following fringe example, there is an indirect light with fixed intensity.

Image Comparer:
  • On the left image, you will see an interior with 200RGB diffuse material, 0 global EV. finished in 9min 46 sec. at 19.8mil. rays/sec with 1.98% image noise.
  • On the right, an interior with 150RGB diffuse material, 3.5 global EV. finished in 18min. at 19mil. rays/sec with 2% image noise.

For the second example with an interior hidden wall light (direct), same materials.

Image Comparer:
  • On the left image, you will see an interior with 200RGB diffuse material, 0 global EV. finished in 49 sec. at 23.3mil. rays/sec with 3.55% image noise.
  • On the right, an interior with 150RGB diffuse material, 2.0 global EV. finished in 1.2min. at 22.6mil. rays/sec with 3.93% image noise.

Very interesting tests!

This has probably been discussed a million times before, but for a typical white wall is the "stick to 200rgb" rule still sound? What are the upper limit rbg diffuse values before things start going beyond reality?

Agree. I often need to go back to the "old" displacement method, because 2.5D gives to many artifacts. Sometimes tesselation before displacement helps, but not always.

Would be great to see a fix for this.


I ran into this issue the other day, it occurred on a curved wall that had a fine ribbed wavy displacement map applied to it. 2.5D displacement produced massive "spiky" black artefacts so had to go back to the old method with 1px displacement resolution...needless to say RAM usage and pre-computation time went through the roof. Increasing the tessellation of the curved wall didn't help in removing the artefacts.

Gallery / Re: Essence - 4K Animation
« on: 2020-07-21, 19:37:45 »
We have tested on serval systems. Can you specify the shot where jitter happens? If anyone else is experiencing the same please do reply. Just to make sure it's not technical playback issue in 4K.

Hmm, so the judder issue appears to be Chrome related - watching the same video at any resolution in Edge (bluergh) and it's buttery smooth! Looks like a totally different animation now :)

Great job again!

Any tips for optimising render time/denoising settings? I've yet to attempt a proper interior animation (even with my Threadripper 3970x)

Gallery / Re: Essence - 4K Animation
« on: 2020-07-20, 21:05:13 »
Nice animation, but some of those shots look quite "juddery". Is this a frame rate issue or a lack of motion blur?

Super craftmanship :- ). Fills me with anxiety only thinking of eventual maintenance.

10/10 for choice of tubing and fittings!

Yep, not looking forward to that!

The 3995wx seems like an odd move from AMD considering that the Zen 3 consumer launch is months away...and Zen 3 TR's will be out towards the end of the year.

Hey AgentDark,

saw your chip & build on twitter :- ). My block was sent only last week (delayed further by my request to switch to all-silver after seeing how beautiful it is), who knows when it arrives but I have no intention to really build it.
How's the system?

Hey Juraj,

The system is great! I can now max out all PBO settings without going into immediate thermal throttling on the previous air cooler (Dark Rock pro TR4). The system is completely silent and still very quiet under load, I would definitely recommend the Arctic P12 PWM PST fans as a cheap alternative to the pricey Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM's.

The RAM was not stable at XMP timings, but Ryzen DRAM calculator sorted that out nicely.

The case is extremely cramped with 4 radiators (absolute pain to fit everything together) - but it was the only case on the market that wasn't extremely expensive/massive and that didn't have massive gaps in any panels for dust to get in.

Both of my D5 pumps had to be replaced due to the PWM signal cable dying, so not sure what the cause of that was!

I definitely wouldn't recommend water cooling if you were going to run everything at stock settings. However the Optimus components are extremely impressive, I've never seen such flawless machining.

Here's some pics of the build if anyone is interested:

Checked a couple pages back, not sure it was reported or not. Also not sure if this behavior is intended by design.  -
Saving a cxr directly from framebuffer won't include the lightmix elements inside the file. One has to save from settings CXR to have it include those elements for later tinkering via CIE.
using build JUN 18

This has been the case for a fair while now, not sure why though as it would always make sense to save the lightmix with the CXR.

One issue that I regularly run into though is that when loading up CXR files with lightmix values that aren't set to 1, I'll have to manually change a lightmix spinner value to something arbitrary then change it back to view the accurate lightmix result.

It would be good to just load up the CXR and see the image as intended, with the lightmix values doing what they are set at in the saved file.

No worries, we have it logged. :)

While you're looking at lightmix stuff, would it be possible to include the ability to assign objects with Corona Light materials that have "emit light" unticked into proper lightmix channels? Currently they all go into the unassigned channel which is quite annoying for things like interior spotlight light mix channels (when working around black Corona lights with certain ies files that the preserve black appearance button doesn't solve).

Gallery / Re: Northern Shelter
« on: 2020-06-03, 16:21:34 »
To many details in the same image. If you use so many details in the close up don't use also cumulus clouds in the back . They for  form outside of main land. In this case on the seaside .
Sometime : Less is more.
The images could be great if had different clouds in back .

I disagree, I think the issue is just a slight lack of distance haze/fog as the mountains are looking a bit too super sharp as if the air is particulate free.

A lot of photographers use graduated ND filters to essentially underexpose the sky to avoid the white burnout effect:

As we have a lot more control, you could simply stick a BW gradient mask over a 32 bit exr of your image in photoshop, or even simulate it in the render scene. This would only lower the exposure, AFAIK ND filters use a polarizing film so I'm not sure what effect this will have compared to simple exposure reduction.

Thanks agentdark45 !

I will try to do the low clock ram test.  To give you more info the full specs are:

TR 2990WX
GTX 1080Ti
Corsair Dominator Platinum 64GB
DDR4 3000MHz CL15
Cooler Enermax LiqTech TR4 II RGB 360
SSD Samsung 860 EVO
Seasonic Prime 1300W Platinum
Thermaltake A500 Aluminum case

I usually find it frozen after more hours of rendering but often it is working while rendering, but once we stop the render it goes into this half dead state where we could click certain buttons like the win start button but nothing else (restart, task manager, max are not responding). We also have to dual xeons in the same office that never freeze like this even though software/scenes are the same an all.

No probs man, yeah the 2990wx was a notoriously finicky CPU - it was way ahead of it's time and there were a lot of compatibility issues (especially with RAM). I would also be extremely cautious with that LiqTech AIO - almost every one of them had issues and gunked up over time (causing the CPU to overheat).

Hi guys!

I need your advice. We have a 2990wx in the office, that likes to freeze almost every day. I understand that TR's are moody with some types of memory.
 Do you guys have any recommendations for a specific type of memory that can make the system stable?

here is what we have now

TR 2990WX
Corsair Dominator Platinum 64GB
DDR4 3000MHz CL15


It could be either unstable RAM, the motherboard VRM's overheating or the PSU's over-current protection kicking in.

To test I would massively down-clock the RAM in the bios first to something like 2333mhz, perform a long render and see if the system still crashes. I would also monitor your motherboard's VRM temps with a tool like HWinfo - I had a 2990wx system with the Zenith Extreme where the VRM's would hit 115c in minutes of rendering and would down-clock the CPU like crazy. I also could not get the 128gb of GSkill RAM stable at anything over 2933mhz, I promptly sent that system back. AFAIK the MSI Meg was the only x399 motherboard capable of dealing with the massive power draw of the 2990wx, but I see the Zenith Extreme Alpha looks to have a beefier VRM setup/cooling so difficult to say what exactly the problem might be without separate testing.

I'm now on a water cooled 3970x with a Gigabyte Designare motherboard, 128gb GSkill RAM @ 3600mhz and it's been completely flawless.

Gallery / Re: Living Divani
« on: 2020-05-29, 03:58:31 »
That lut should be from the dubcat thread. I have reuploaded it, if you want to try it out.

Thanks man, I'll definitely test it out.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Corona Tiles
« on: 2020-05-28, 14:09:26 »
I suppose the ideal form of this map would be to include everything that bercon already does, but handles bump and displacement better.

One thing that any texture option out there fails to do however is handle corners well, especially when using multiple textures. Need an option for wrapping corners, and ideally how to handle mortar joints like concave or struck, etc (but that might be asking too much without actually modeling it).
I recently started trying out ATiles for bricks and it seems like a viable option (especially since you can use custom objects), but I haven't put it to the test of a full facade yet.

This would be ideal!

I'm going to suggest another idea: spline definable tile shapes/patches. Would be such a time saver for things like simple floor tiles with irregular shapes but repeatable patterns. I currently use railclone for this, but would rather not have to when I only really need the functionality for the UV variation/grout line separation on a flat plane.

If the devs are looking at implementing the Geopattern feature from FStorm, it would be almost exactly the same but contained in a material map vs cloning real geometry.

Gallery / Re: Living Divani
« on: 2020-05-27, 04:32:54 »
Great work man, I just had a look at the breakdown vid - the tonemapping settings are quite similar to dubcats ACES settings but I see you are using an additional LUT, may I ask which one you're using?


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