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Gallery / House in Swizerland
« on: 2016-12-22, 11:53:19 »

This one was done in experimental way, testing new features and workflows of Corona. So far so good!

Exterior image has been done purely with corona, without any photoshop.

Both videos created using only 1 frame for each:

Timelapse with clouds has been photographed in 7 seconds delay, 300 frames. Using photoshop actions 1 png render pasted on each frame and then compiled. Yes, it's definately not perfect, it would be nice to have some shadow variation inide. But on the other had, it would extend working times a lot.

Interior timelapse compiled in AE from 9 different lighting scenarious. Corona lightmix came extremely handy. One render, different lighting scenarious.

Will post UE4 + vive version soon in my facebook, so you might want to follow. Facebook

Higher resolution images Website

Best regards,

Off-Topic / Re: Hosting 360 panoramas
« on: 2016-12-09, 14:33:56 »
Thanks, will give a try.

Most of I tried was full of ads and other stuff. Hope this will better :)

Off-Topic / Re: Hosting 360 panoramas
« on: 2016-12-09, 13:02:04 »
Freakaz, do you mind telling me what webhosting server you use for storing htmls?

I used to use google drive for a few years, but now it's not possible anymore.

Off-Topic / Hosting 360 panoramas
« on: 2016-12-07, 16:55:27 »
Wondering if anyone in forum using Squarespace for web?

It's perfect platform to have nice websites, but when it comes to hosting additional htmls, problem comes. I mean, there is no any place for my 360 virtual tour html files to store in Squarspace. Anyone facing the same issue? Maybe someone knows an option to drop my html files and then embed them via iframe to squarespace page?


Hardware / Re: Laptop for VR
« on: 2016-11-25, 17:36:33 »
Thanks a lot for responses.

The big question is now: it's 1080 or 1070.. Right now thinking about Dell alienware

Hardware / Laptop for VR
« on: 2016-11-24, 19:14:32 »

It's time to get more or less decent laptop for VR and light rendering. Would definately invest in workstation, but bringing it to every client with huge VIVE box just isn't a way. So basicly I will use it for running unreal scenes and sometimes for easy modeling/rendering with 3ds max + corona.

Thinking about 1070 or 1080 nvidia, 16-32Gb RAM, 4 core i7. Screen isn't a first thing, since I will have viewsonic monitor when working. Any advices on brand? I heard that Asus ROG series are bit more realiable, so it's possible to get something like that for around 2k euro. 1080 GTX would make it 3k euro. How about MSI? Anymore better options or brands? What would you buy in my case for 2-2.5k euro?

Thanks everybody a lot!

Gallery / Re: VR flying machine
« on: 2016-11-24, 15:16:22 »
Ok, images are good and clean.

 But is this machine real concept?! Would love to try this out! I was always thinking how cool would be to fly like a bird! :)

EDIT: ok, googled it. There many of them right now. Will have to try it!

Thats not a sketchup what makes models bad and incorrect. Like in any other software.

I am using both sketchup and 3ds max for 7 years and there is no any better software than sketchup to model architecture. It's way more precise than max. And I think this is what Boundary guys wanted to say – architecture and simple poly objects,  thats it. When it comes to more complex objects, max is the way.

Gallery / Re: H3 House - Luciano Kruk arquitectos
« on: 2016-10-19, 22:10:10 »
Super cool level of detail. I can say you are really patient :) Maybe it's my sickness, but I would work more on natural lighting. Right now it lacks some subtlety for me eye. Or even some different scenarious, dusk/morning or etc. That would improve emotion of your work. Corona interactive lets you play very easily, give it a shot.

Juraj, definately true. I was going crazy when jumped on forest pack few months ago. And in some cases it was ~20% higher consumption. Ended up with doubling RAM on machines :) BTW, saw your comments regarding translucency earlier and wanted to discuss about this in SOA7, just didn't catch you! Maybe there is a discussion in any forum? Would gladly join


[Max] I need help! / Re: Floor plan
« on: 2016-10-19, 17:20:08 »
Well., what do you know, i'm an oldschool man :] So it's enough to uncheck visible to camera to achieve what jpjapers want? Haven't follow Corona development as close as i'd like lately.
Unchecking "visbile to camera" will not achieve what jpjapers want. It will render like with ceilings, but it won't be visible. And this has worked since corona alpha version.

Jpjapers, if I am correct, wants not only this, but also ambient light passing throw invisible ceiling. Well, I haven't tried, but there must be a trick with rayswich.

Anyway, invisible ceiling and few corona lamps always work for me.

Gallery / Office in Copenhagen
« on: 2016-09-27, 21:34:55 »

Few weeks ago had a chance to work on very quick office visualisation project in Denmark. It's small, but effective, so sharing here.

If anybody has questions, I would gladly answer.

Higher resolution



Very curious about your position for VR. You seem to be very tight about UE4 which is understandable due to workflow and hardware things at the moment. But why not using VR for simple panoramic images? Creating tours? My clients go wild about this, this is a huge step forwards, IMHO, why would you ignore that? :)

Off-Topic / Re: Drone
« on: 2016-07-12, 10:39:20 »
Sorry for late reply. Holiday.. :)

Your specs looks pretty nice. But few years ago I had D7100 nikon which isn't FF camera. It just does not give me desired result, so for now only FF cameras. And it means I need powerful drone to lift them. 

All those raisins in DJI phantom 4 are nice and cool. Home function or obstacle avoidance is superb helper when you are new to this. Too bad they don't work 100% precisly and you can easily crash your money. It gives you some mental comfort, which may lead to crash when system fails.

My setup is about 5k euro. Drone, Canon gimbal (needs some 3D printing parts for NIKON suport), DJI lightbridge 2. And yes, of course you can use your tablet or phone as a screen :)

Off-Topic / Re: Drone
« on: 2016-07-03, 22:55:38 »
Sebastian, actually after your post I changed my mind about drones. It's not that hard to combine some different parts and customize them. And it's fun. 
After few days of research and forums reading, I ended with that the best solution for me could be DJI S1000 drone with custom gymbal. Yep, its another price category, but possibilities also. It can lift up 5-8kg for 13-18 mins. Would be a perfect solution for my Nikon D800.
I don't know why, but all those DJI phantoms and inspires are oriented only on movies. They can produce pretty decent videos, but when it comes to stills – zero benefits. Spending 1.5-4.5k euros will only give you 12-16MP photos with crapy colors and quality. Especially when I have D800, I don't want to spend money on another one mounted on drone. So S1000 could be a nice choise. It has official canon gymbals, but no for nikon. Anyway, as you mentioned, it  can be customized pretty easily.

Maru, yep, thats a good deal if you use that for filming amateur videos. I just found out that a good part of DJI forum auditory are real esatate brokers.. and they have different needs compared to my :)

Will have summer holidays, so probably will give a try on setup I mentioned above. 

Off-Topic / Re: Drone
« on: 2016-06-13, 18:18:58 »
Hi, Sebastian.

Thanks for relply. Do you have any examples of attaching camera to DJI? It would be really nice if it is possible. I mean, does it still have stability without vibrations? And how would camera rotation and etc. works?

BTW. One guy in my city has self-made drone which cares 1.2kg panasonic camera up to 25mins. Yup, its huge, but does the job. And still.. the photos aren't thaat good, so dji will probably be ever worse.

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