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[Max] I need help! / Re: Best vegetation pack for corona
« on: 2016-04-28, 17:12:21 »
Those close-up leaves geometry from the video looked very good.

EDIT : hmm, twigs with high quality leafs sold separately, and not expensive.

Does the world loose contrast and saturation in your eyes when you step outside :- ) ?

Sometimes, according to my iphone photo and even my dslr, yes :)
But maybe the above comparison wasn't a very fair one. Equally unfair would be me posting here some photos trying to prove that yes, the world outside is desaturated. Because the truth is you can take photos to appear sometimes quite green and saturated and sometimes desaturated. It depends so much by a lot of things, like what lighting is, is the sun in front ? back ? are the trees wet ? dusty ? the white balance and so on.

But sometimes the movies, or even casual photos (with auto settings and no color correction) can be less saturated than many renders. But that has more to do with the user setup of materials.

I couldn't find too many examples as the screens are taken from youtube trailers. But if we start from the premise that movies are color corrected and the corona render is "raw" than I guess there isn't much point to make any kind of comparison.
But I think movies like avatar and jurassic world which have lots of 3d foliage, seem desaturated to appear more real.

Perhaps the "filmic" mode has some other advantages, but in the comparison above the one more saturated look less realistic.

This screen grab from Jurassic World is taked in the sun. Not much foliage, but you can still see the color of the trees are way less saturated (the filmic render superimposed on top).

But the first image looks more "realistic" and the second one looks more "3d".

I guess, it depends in what fields do you work and what's you final goal.
Some screen grabs from Alice in Wonderland and avatar. As you can see, they are quite desaturated.

This feature would be actually possible to implement in a short time, since the hearth of the feature, resume render is already coded, but the priorities lie somewhere else currently.
And hell! you can do it yourself with overlay in post. Might post a guide on that.

Hmm, that's a great idea. Just overlaying the two sequences, the second layer with 50% opacity ? Would that lead to the same result as "resume from image" ? easy to test I guess.
Perhaps if needed, adding a third layer. That layer would also need to have 50% opacity ? Or each layer like 35% or 40%. I'm sure there's a math involved here.

For network rendering, networked pc's having to redownload all the textures, even if all the textures are already loaded and local ? That's not good.
And with faster and faster network speed, having the possibility in the future to interactive render with multiple computers would be great.

Is it possible to render a single image using multiple computers on a network ? And even better, using the progressive preview interactive render with multiple computers ?
I remember reading about this somewhere here in the past, but I can't find that thread.

And question two, I found this and I think it's a very useful request.

Using the "resume from image" option, but for animation (better explained in the posted links)

it's in "Resolved feature requests" Does this mean it's available ?
 and yes the next links are leading to one another resulting in "forumception",8616.msg56390.html#msg56390,4087.0.html,6171.0.html

The animation isn't the best but the graphics is really good. With better photorealistisc textures/materials, this could be very even miles better.

One of the problems with gaming engines are low poly models used, low res textures, not good enough shader tweaking and low quality antialiasing.. And maybe lack of realistic depth of field and motion blur.

You start using high or even very high poly models, maybe at least for the models close to the camera, good textures and antialiasing similar to a renderer and the results will be much better.

The Lumberyard demo posted didn't had motion blur on for some reason (among other problems). The good thing is these game engines can be pushed much further.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Nice April Fool =)
« on: 2016-04-01, 12:28:02 »
Autodeeeeskkk !!! Damn you all to hell  (cursing, looking up at the sky, hands raised)

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Bucket Renderer in 1.4 ???
« on: 2016-03-29, 15:10:12 »
Bucket mode should be updated to follow mouse ponter, so the checking would be even faster,

It's still not clear for me, but probably that's because I haven't worked with Corona and even less so with the old version with the bucket mode. But I was still curios and trying to understand/learn the benefit of a bucket mode vs progressive.

I was gonna mention that - if the bucket would follow the mouse pointer that would be indeed a benefit, but as far as I know only vray has that.

 But this could be a nice feature request for Corona - a movable render region in the progressive render. So you can have a render region and able to move it, without pressing render again, and the renderer will start rendering that new region without clearing the previous region. Also able to adjust the size while rendering.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Bucket Renderer in 1.4 ???
« on: 2016-03-28, 19:55:45 »
I totally digg ya but let me try to rephrase my point in a different way so maybe you'll understand what I am talking about.

I still didn't get from your explanation the advantage of bucket mode.

Almost sounded like: If I render with progressive mode I need to wait 10 seconds until the render region clears out, but if I render with the bucket, I need to wait 10 seconds until the render region in the bucket clears out. So it's better.
Because 10 seconds are faster than 10 seconds. Or something :)

sounds almost like superstition :)
A similar case like this was some years ago on Steinberg forum. They changed the skin and UI colors for Cubase (audio multitrack app). And even though the engineers and programers themselves told the users the audio engine is the same, the users there contradicted themselves for days that the new version sounds better, others said no it sounds worse.. and so on)

Hardware / Re: A new PC for Corona
« on: 2016-03-27, 17:35:34 »
Thanks for answers.
So the ebay   2x Intel Xeon E5-2687W (3.1/3.8 GHz) Octa-Core CPUs   is a lower performance CPU compared to the amazon one E5-2687WV2 CPU (3.4GHz, 8 Core, 16 Threads, 25MB Cache)
But the price difference is so high!
I understand the ebay one is a used computer, but in the past I had only good results with ebay shopping. Does anyone know the difference (approx in %) between those two Xeon CPU ?

Because again the amazon one E5-2687WV2 CPU 3.4GHz - £1,568  - single CPU I'm guessing
and ebay one - 2x Intel Xeon E5-2687W (3.1/3.8 GHz) - £1,775  for an entire computer with 64 GB RAM

I'm not gonna buy that particular ebay ad, but I'm asking so I can know for the future.

But probably for my use an I7 would be better. I use my computer for maybe 20% rendering, 40% for single or dual core performance and the rest for other multi-threaded apps like Photoshop, After effects, modeling, scene building, cloth simulation(for plants) and so on, which again, I'm not sure how better are those apps for many cores as well.
 So I'm guessing I need first a very good CPU for single or dual thread performance, and also having as many as possible cores but still with a good value per performance.

Hardware / Re: A new PC for Corona
« on: 2016-03-26, 11:55:49 »
Very useful information.
So on Amazon uk the i7-5820K is £328 while E5-2687WV2 CPU (3.4GHz, 8 Core, 16 Threads, 25MB Cache) is £1,568.37. Many times more expensive then the 5820K. I wonder if the increase in rendering time is 4 times faster ? Because I'm guessing in single threaded programs that would definitely not be the case.

And another strange thing, this computer on ebay - Dell Precision T5600 Dual (2x) Xeon E5-2687W 64GB 256GB SSD FirePro V7800 , 2x Intel Xeon E5-2687W (3.1/3.8 GHz) Octa-Core CPUs 
is £1,775
Almost the same as just the CPU alone from Amazon. Is this the same CPU ?
 If I get it right, the ebay ad says there 2 cpus inside. The one from Amazon is the same ? 2 CPU ?
 And if I can convince the seller to take out the graphics card, it would be even cheaper.

A possible drawback with the xeons would be - you can't use regular mainboards. As far as I know.
I like for example to buy the latest Asus mainboards with all the bells and whistles. But as I remember the mainboards for Xeons don't have so many features like the regular mainboards. I don't need wifi in a mainboard, but maybe yes to USB 3.1, NVMe U.2 support, M.2 x 4 Support and others. Also easy or automatic overclock interface (for i7) with stress testing and auto setting the ideal overclocking settings - at least that's what they say.

Hardware / Re: A new PC for Corona
« on: 2016-03-25, 22:04:31 »
Thanks. And I was thinking that probably if someone is using a program which can use only 2 or max 3 cores, it would make sense to buy a type of CPU which doesn't have many cores (like maybe 4 cores) but has a higher frequency. And thus it will work better for programs which are mainly single or 2 cores based.

 But is powerful expensive CPU with less cores - able to match a less expensive CPU but with 6 or more cores in a renderer like Corona ?

Hardware / Re: A new PC for Corona
« on: 2016-03-25, 04:10:23 »
5820k is the best deal, because 5930k has the same over-clockable performance. I.e, you will run both in 4.0+ Ghz, but you will save money with 5820k. 5930K has also 40 PCI lanes compared to 28 in 5820k, this can be difference if you run 4 high-end GPUS :- )

Does it makes sense to buy a CPU with more lanes not for multi GPU (or maybe just 2 gpu's) but with one or maybe two PCI ssd ? Which I think can use some extra lanes.
Those PCI ssd in addition to one or two regular sata SSD (plus some disk based hdd's)
And what if one of the main program used is not very good in using multi cores.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: FStorm vs Corona
« on: 2016-03-11, 15:48:04 »

VFB+ does nice bloom, but not glare : /

I haven't tried the VFB+ , but i'm guessing it applies the bloom after the render is finished or canceled/stopped. Like most other 3dsmax plugins. A nicer way would be applying it while rendering, even if with a temp lower quality or resolution. Like Octane does with the glare and bloom.
 Is the Octane the only one with this approach ?  Not sure how Arion / Maxwell are doing it.

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