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Dear Render Legion I'm waiting for a feedback! Because the build 4 too has the black dots problem!
I'm angry and disappointed!

Hi @houska,
I tested the build you asked us to try (the one on google drive - r4) last night, with the same image, the black dots disappear (at the moment). But there is another "little" problem. With previous release if I render in Cinema4D picture viewer (Shift+R), then open the Corona VFB I saw the image and I can modify and saw all channels, now NOT.
I have the image only on picture viewer...!
Please, as I ask in open ticket, I payed for the license and I would like that it works!
I use it for work, not for hobby or game.

The beta version works perfectly....Damn...What's happened now?
Now we pay and it doesn't works!

Let me/us know asap please!


I tested with the solver light Scalable and Auto. The black dots disappear, but there is a "little" problem about render time! With Scalable the render takes two hours more to reach the same noise level...

I don't use the Bloom and Glare. I post the screenshot settings. I saw this problem when I calculate the High Resolution Image: 5000pix the major side
The Cinema release is the R19


I've got the same problem. The black dots are copious and in some areas of the render they make a big black square.

I've got Corona Render 3 Hotfix 1 and try the render in two different machines. Unfortunately I can't upload the scene, because it's a client project.


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