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Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« on: 2018-11-27, 19:49:48 »

Yeah, that's the thing, I got a smoking deal on it. All the high-end boards are around 600 in Canada, and none went on sale for black Friday. I'm talking the zenith, the MEG etc. I got the Strix for around 300, so half that.  If the Strix and the Zenith essentially have the same power delivery then I'll likely take my chances with the Strix. If I'm reading your comments right, it's clearly inferior to a top-shelf board but will still work.

I'm not looking to hit 4.1 OC or something. If I can hit a stable 3.6-3.8 that will be more than good enough. I'm only considering Enermax or Noctua for cooling. Based on the DeBauer graph that's under 300W so hopefully will be workable with the Strix.

I mean, I have the cash for a better board, but not sure if I'll get any benefit from it. Higher OC's look like they need serious cooling and I'm not considering going that route, so a board that gets me to that 3.6-3.8 range should be fine. But then, maybe I am being optimistic.

PS. Juraj, are all the issues with the MEG cleared up? Running solid with public BIOS? Also, appreciate getting your input. Thanks.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« on: 2018-11-26, 21:07:28 »
Am I an idiot for thinking I can build a setup based on Asus ROG Srtix 399X?

I don't know enough about power delivery, phases ect to evaluate the question.  I am hoping for a mild overclock, maybe 3.7-3.8 which seems doable without going to crazy power draw. Looking at the DeBauer OC guide for reference. The Strix has an 8pin+4pin power, while the Zenith has 8+8pin. But, apparently both have 8 power phases? Please feel free to correct me, I'm not even sure what the power phases imply exactly.

Really hoping Enermax get their shit together, would be nice to just buy a 360 from them and get decent cooling. Here in Canada all the stock is gone on Amazon, so hopefully, the old revisions have been removed and new stock will be improved. Maybe not though.

Looking forward to your thoughts...definitely starting to get anxious about this build reding through this thread.


Just need a quick reality check here.....

At the end of the day this is really just a discussion about tonemapping, right? (excluding all the comping discussion)

Just the idea that an HDR/32 bit linear render benefits from some form of tone mapping before being passed to the Srgb display transformation?   I know it can get deeper than that, but at its essence that is what all this is essentially about, and all the hubbub from that blender guru guy?

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