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Hi guys

The client has his eyes set on some pretty sweet wallpapers for his project. They are to be wrapped around 3 big supporting columns.

I've spent some time playing with bercon noise and I'm getting closer to the first material sample he gave me (attachment 01). He is considering the more "advanced" type (the image with the dinner table). I wonder if my (rather slow) approach with bercon maps is the best one. Any thoughts on how you guys would do it?

Hi guys

This is my latest client work. The space had no windows so the architect wanted to explore options with a skylight as the main element of lighting. It ended up 16m long and 1.4m wide.

It was made in 1.4, would have loved to try out the new lightmix in 1.5, but didn't dare to install the daily in the middle of the project ;) Think I'll try now it's over.

aaaand the wire :)

Hi guys

I need a laptop that I can bring to client meetings, use on travels and workshops (light 3ds max and photoshop work) and also just on the sofa at home. Not at all a portable workstation.
So it needs to be portable and light (thinking 14" and under 1.7kg). Have a good screen 1920p will be fine, but needs good color accuracy). Good battery life. No fancy gaming laptop. Simple design. 8gb ram minimum.

I'm not sure what is needed cpu/gpu wise for my needs. Will an i5/i7 with the onboard HD520 gpu suffice for light 3ds max and photoshop work or is it totally hopeless? I'm thinking that the discrete GPUs loose out on battery performance/portability.

The Dell XPS is too expensive. I'm currently looking at the Lenovo Yoga 700/710.

What are you guys using / any advice?


Gallery / Vacation Home - North of Copenhagen
« on: 2016-08-01, 09:28:54 »
Hi guys

I revisited a project from last year to apply some new knowledge. Wanted to do everything in 3D. This was the result:

CMasking pass:

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