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I just love all the examples - great work!

I'm using the Mesher Compound object on a particle system SuperSpray object. The Mesher Compound useful when you want to use geometry based modifiers or a Corona displacement modifier on a particle system since you can't do this directly on any particle object.
Rendering works fine until geometry motion blur is enabled - in this case, Corona will hang while parsing the scene and eventually crash to desktop. Unfortunately no minidump is created.

I tested Mesher with standard animated geometry and it works fine. It looks like it's happening on particle systems only.
Is there anything that can be done about it?

Attaching a scene - Max 2020, Corona v5

To repro:
- open the scene, the layer '01_Mesher_Standard_Geometry' is visible
- render
>>> all works, motion blur works on the sphere with animated noise and the mesher object

- unhide the layer '02_Mesher_Particle_Object'
- render
>>> Corona will hang/freeze and eventually crash to desktop.

Note that if you disable motion blur in the camera it works fine.
The offending object is colored red in the viewport ;)

Additional note - it looks like the particle spray is causing problems and leads to crashes even if no mesher object is visible. If you make the motion blur to last longer - 1s for example - Max will eventually crash when scrubbing the timeline and forcing it to update while in IR. This time it crashes with the CER dialog. Attaching the minidump from that crash, too.

Well, this looks nice!

No PhoenixFD here unfortunately... did we get anything on the max fluids side in regards to motion blur? I'd certainly love to see this.

Not getting an answer probably means 'no', right?

[Max] I need help! / Re: Shader: Glitter / Sequin (Pt.2)
« on: 2020-04-16, 23:22:06 »
@Pokoy I *finally* got around to testing your shader setup in a production context and it was really easy to work with. I wonder why you chose to use three separate Corona Color nodes rather than a gradient(?)

Sorry for the delay, only just remembered you answered...
This was the setup that made most sense to me in order to have different colors scattered randomly (by map). With a gradient you would need to either use UVs which can be problematic on some geometries or needs addtional work, or color them depending on viewing angle which is not what the effect is about imo since there's no thin film effect in play... Either way, happy you could use it.

I tried the OSL flakes shader the other day on a car paint material and unfortunately using OSL for normal maps seems to produce problems with normal shading in Corona, it's similar to the artifacts one gets with anisotropy or low-res geometry where faces start to appear and normals smoothing breaks. I'm not sure whether it's a general problem of Corona or if OSL shaders need some special care when used for normal map generation in Corona. It's a real bummer though since it really produces nice flakey reflections.

Well, this looks nice!

No PhoenixFD here unfortunately... did we get anything on the max fluids side in regards to motion blur? I'd certainly love to see this.

I’m an old fart at 3ds max and used to use compact material editor, it doesn’t display OSL when choosing textures. Is it possible to fix this?

3ds max 2020

Thank you very much!

This is a Max problem as far as I know, not sure if really a Corona problem. OSL for some reason doesn't display in the browser when you want to assign a map through a click on a map slot, you have to use the 'Get Material' button to see OSL. Yes, it's very cumbersome to nest map that way... I have reported this but never got a response - if you report this to Autodesk chances are this gets a higher priority.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: tyFlow instancing support
« on: 2020-04-13, 17:31:48 »

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: tyFlow instancing support
« on: 2020-04-10, 12:36:10 »
Yes, please, tyFlow will be everywhere once it's out, support should be added as soon as possible. Thanks for bringing this up, I hope it's going to be considered for v6.

Interesting, looks like the gradients are interpreted differently between the two modes.

It *could* be possible if the objects would pass their IDs for example to the distance map and you'd use a multimap for the coloring... but i doubt it is the case. As for now, you probably have to use different distance map instances for different colors.

Gallery / Re: Still life celebrating
« on: 2020-03-18, 23:20:41 »
These are outstanding, best CG still life images I've ever seen. Excellent!!

You can just add a beauty render element in any format you want, it gets saved at render end.

Glad it helped! The downside of this is that poorly tessellated geometry show the shadow terminator problem, but sadly it's a global setting, not per-object - it's either no shadow terminator artifacts or correct rendering of CAD normals.

Try changing the shadow terminator in the developer/advanced settings to 1.0, it doesn't go well with explicit normals coming with CAD geometry.

The difference is - probably, just a short answer from the look at the image - think of it that way:
- RGB is an additive color system. The base is black and colors are created by overlaying/adding light, example: natural light, TV screen
- CMYK is a subtractive color system. The base is white and colors are created by subtraction/absorption, example: printing, painting

Hence the different primary colors.

You can mix a primary color of one system by mixing two colors of the other system:
R = M+Y
G = C+Y
B = M+C

C = G+B
M = R+B
Y = R+G
In theory, C+M+Y add up to black, but in reality they don't, hence the addition of K for dark tones or black. In general, CMYK 'works' better in theory than in reality, and painters use a lot of additional colors and tones to get rich colors, just like in offset printing.

But in general, this is why the charts display different primary colors.

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