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Work in Progress/Tests / Goku Dragon Ball WIP
« on: 2016-03-09, 07:12:47 »
A make a Toy Pose a GOKU Children
 first teste  in corona..
i will remade cloth

hi guy , i work using Xref rig character and Xref materials .

In corona render Xref materials  with multsubmaterials IDs Not render correct.
render first ID only

Example  material 8 ID  Xref material...
Corona See only First ID  in render.

I'm doing something wrong?  in scanline work correct
Congratulation for great render ;) and 
I hope to be helping contributed bug... or not hehehe
\o/ \o/ \o/

when render  particle a mesh in 3dmax corona render works well.
But when I use "frequency Material "  in  special  frames (depend project ) the renderer Stop .
I remove material frequency , work good.
It would be possible in the future a map of  "Corona  particle " for the particle flow ?

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