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True, totally forgot about the floating viewports. Another thing I need to get used to I guess, and a really useful one.

I remember two instances where Max 2016 would freeze - tabbing through the resolution input fields and tabbing through a render elements file name field. I'm really glad these don't happen anymore, I lost some valuable work and time more than once because of that.

One thing I can't get to work though with 2020 is that Backburner doesn't remember its submit settings, be aware that you need to switch on overrides if you ever need them. Need to figure out a way to solve this.

Thank you. I'll probably try to switch to 2020...  It is a pain every time ... all the plugins, scripts... really hope that it is faster than 2018!!

I am on Windows 10/ Max 2016 combo for so long... it's incredibly stable. Only crashes I ever got were Corona related in 90perc.

But it's long in tooth and I miss proper HighDPI scaling.. I debate every year if I should move on.

Uhm.. what is the latter service pack in max 2016? Perhaps i'm missing something-...
Max 2016 in win10 was working so well in speed... but I experimented some "strange" closure of the program ... not a proper creach, becaes there wasn't even a chrash window warning... The probgram simply ..closes...

I'm hating max 2018... perhapts i should try max 2019 or max 2020...

Hello to everyone.
I don't write often to this forum, I am a silent reader...

But I am struggling. I moved to win 7 to win 10 , and a new PC.
Very happy with the new pc... but not with win 10... (oh well, I can deal with it, at least).

I was using max 2016... but i found that max 2016 is not very stable with win10 (I noticed unexpected chashed without even the save option).
I moved to max 2018... and I'm hating it. Less fluid, I really don't undested why they have to change ALL the icons every new version (...) .. It is slower, it behaves strangely when I have to select something, move, copy...

The question is ... What max version do you use... and why? Perhaps there is a "pack" that makes max2016 more stable (i've read that it is not supported officially in win10)?

Should I move to max 2019? I read here and where that every maxversion I worse than the previous one..

thanks a lot in advance

So using max region is the only way? We can't apply denoise to the whole render using the region render in corona VFB?

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Region render exposure issues..
« on: 2016-11-26, 16:44:35 »
This happened to me today.

I made a render of a whole image. stopped.

Used the max's render region, then stopped.

the "non region" suddently changed exposure, becoming darker.

Then, when I launched "resume last render" with the max's render region off, the exposure was corrected again.


This works... but I thought it was possible to do it into the Corona Buffer...  the corona region render is very handy...

> use Max's region
> when it's done, turn off region
> 'resume last render'
> wait until it starts rendering the first pass
> stop it

It is already unchecked :/

Does it happens only to me? :/

Good morning...

probably the answer of my question is very obvious, but I'm really struggling in finding it... XD

Let's say I've completed an image and I've applied a full denoise. Then, I have ro re-render a small region of the image beacuse of some requested changes.

at the end of the region render, the denoise , applies only to the region selected, and the rest of the image previously rendered is not denoised anymore.

There is a way to "burn" the denoise to the image... or I perhaps I could apply the denoise to the whole image?

Thanks in advance, I hope my question is clear :)


[Max] I need help! / Re: Box with Frosted-Wavy glass...
« on: 2016-05-11, 09:54:38 »
Thanks for the tip, Nico.

I could use it for the bump map/normasl map.

It's only a material or it's a modeled panel?

[Max] I need help! / Re: Box with Frosted-Wavy glass...
« on: 2016-05-10, 22:45:19 »
Thanks a lot for your reply, Maru.

Unfortunately don't have very good references :/ sometimes my clients have to think I'm like a magician.... (now i'm trying to recreate another material without  a precise pantone reference, only terrible photos... really hard)

This should be a resin, textured in the surface, but almost opaque.
I added another photos and a link of the productor... but in the site there is only a photo......

I see that I can achieve the best result combining bump+displace, using a glass/type material. I would like to use transluceny instead of gloss refraction, but It seems too much wax like... and it should be like a textured glass, but less transparent.

thanks anyway :)

[Max] I need help! / Box with Frosted-Wavy glass...
« on: 2016-05-06, 19:19:36 »
Good evening to all...

I'm having hard time creating a material for a box that has a translucent/frosted plexyglass ... with a wavy texture.

I've used both translucency both refraction glossiness (that is for sure more time consumer) but I'm not really happy wiht the results... can you help me?

I've attached the reference...



where we can find Dubcat's explanations?

I also struggle to find the right way to use the maps in gloss/reflection slots.


Gallery / Re: Volumetric Test
« on: 2016-03-09, 15:33:42 »
REally Lovely images.

Would love a making of , I'm not so used into the volumetrics effects..

a little thing... the wood planks are looking strange, like a double gap...

Yes, I was talking of these area shadows :)


thanks a lot Maru, I'll try to test them better.

I also have to check " area shawdos" , right?

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