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I've got a super random problem with a file. If I move some of my objects they are not updated in the render (interactive/viewport/VDB etc).
Anyone know how to troubleshoot this?
R23 (and tested in R21 too)
Screencap here:

Unchecking Save alpha still creates an .RLA file.

The test scene doesn't have the Alpha channel checked in the Render Settings.
If I select PNG it renders PNG as expected (no rla file)

Here are two more save tests.

1st save (x) I don't select the save format which is already set to the default OpenEXR. Resultant file is .RLA
2nd save (y) I select the already selected default. Resultant file is .EXR.

Maybe this is a bug (on Mac)?

Here's a screen capture
1st Save by clicking on Save and saving it as default OpenEXR. The saved file is .RLA (I can't open this)
2nd Save by Save CXR. Only option is Corona EXR. Saved file is .CXR (I can't open this)
3rd Save by Save All. Again saved as OpenEXR. The saved file is .EXR which I can open.

I don't understand what the purpose of the RLA and Corona EXR files, although as I mentioned before they are the formats that unless I deliberately avoid it saves it as.

Corona 6. R23.

The VDB's interface promotes saving as CXR as it's the only file format actually listed specifically, with the other available formats under a more generic 'Save All'. It's totally possible I'm missing something basic here.
A very simple scene. Save > Save CXR. Sometimes it will save out a .EXR file that I can open on photoshop. (Still not sure why is says it's saving a CXR when it saves an EXR, what is the difference?) and other times (I can't seem to work out when/why) it saves out a .CXR file that I can't open
Or I decide I want to save out the alpha as well > Save All and it suggests is is saving out an OpenEXR which this time saves out a .RLA file.

I realise I can save out PNGs but I'd really like to understand what the CXR/RLA/EXR files are for and what I can use to open them as they seems t be important to Corona, otherwise why have them so prominently in the UI?

If I save a render from the VFB it either spits out a .exr file (which I can open in Photoshop) or it saves a .rla which I can't do anything with. My guess is it's to do with multi-pass or shadow catcher as in both instances when I'm using those I end up struggling to export a file I can composit with.
What is the .rla file for and how can I use it.

Many thanks

(I'm on Mac)

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Help outputting MultiPass to PSD?
« on: 2020-10-16, 10:14:33 »
Thank you. I've now learned that I don't need to render to Corona VDB. If I use the regular render I can save the PSD. I'm not sure where I was when they were teaching that lesson!

[C4D] I need help! / Help outputting MultiPass to PSD?
« on: 2020-10-14, 23:52:56 »
I'm struggling to work out the workflow to output a multipass to a PSD.
When I render it I only seems to have the regular save out setting s and not an option to specify as a PSD despite the Save settings set to Multi-Pass PSD. I must be missing something.
What is the right way of doing this?

Is there a way to have light 1 only affect object 1, and light 2 only affect object 2 etc? I thought the composition tag might help but in a quick test (2 objects and 2 lights) I couldn’t get the lights to behave as I’d like. Before I start building out my scene I thought I'd check if I can do this the Corona.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Volumetric Fog in C4D (not mist)
« on: 2020-01-22, 01:35:51 »
Thank you all for you help. I'm testing it with the 3D noise material beanzvision posted. (it certainly slows render time!)
I am trying to summarise what each of Absorption, Scattering Emission do in my notes so I don't forget and just end up pushing sliders:
I'm a little confused between the distance setting in Absorption and Emission, and what the Step size (Volume mapping) does.

Is there a help/index I can search for?

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Volumetric Fog in C4D (not mist)
« on: 2020-01-17, 20:10:33 »
My material here (includes what I am trying to achieve:


[C4D] I need help! / Volumetric Fog in C4D (not mist)
« on: 2020-01-17, 05:55:29 »

I thought I understood the basics of volumetric fog, but I can't seems to achieve this effect (link above) that has different densities, rather than a more general mist in C4D. With my limited knowledge I thought putting a noise shader in the volume would be good place to start, but it just makes things blotchy and just looks rubbish. Any ideas greatly appreciated!

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: rendering image sequence?
« on: 2019-11-09, 02:29:36 »
Thanks. That's what I was doing. On closer investigation I saw a whole bunch of sub-sub folders were being created. Reboot and it's working.

[C4D] General Discussion / rendering image sequence?
« on: 2019-11-08, 22:41:12 »
Could someone help me out. I can't work out how to render my 100frame looping animation (C4d R19)
I even tried saving at as MP4 but all I get is a single frame, even thought the renderer is rendering again and again.
there must be a setting I'm missing.

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