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I think that we need to look for someone by ourselves. But I think that will not succeed. I would love to have Corona in Blender, but well...

Where is the right place to write that Blender users would like to have a new exporter to the new Standalone format?

I am dreaming about good Corona and Blender implementation !:) Looking forward for more information.

That's it opens the possibility for helping us creating the new Blender exporter.

IMO even exporter which is using Cycles nodes to create Corona materials should be awesome. Just like Luxrender did and It's allows you to use viewport rendering to set all the lights and composition, which in Cycles is super fast to initiate, and final render make in Corona Standalone.  Nowadays most of the materials are made using PBR so that shouldn't be really hard.

Thanks Maru for your effort and answering to this post.

We have an exporter to the Blender version which is currently outdated.  Can you consider of make own exporter with cooperation with Chaos group? They are currently working on exporter for Blender 2.8 and exporter made for previous versions of Blender was faster than this one made by Glen. Many of us already changed Blender to the new one, which are more stable and better optimized than previous versions and I cannot imagine going back to 2.79 when I already used 2.8 for two months.

I was using Corona for almost, but last year I was forced to upgrade PC and i wasnt sure what should I buy - decided to buy RTX 2080 TI isntead of new CPU and use Blender native render engine again - Cycles. Using RTX is fast but I saw that clients require Corona quality renders, so I am becoming to lose clients. Tried to go back to 2.79 was disaster. Once 2.8 never go back:p

I've even made a comparison and tried to get Corona look using Cycles, but still, Corona treat lighting much nicer:)

I love Corona, and I was using it from almost 2 years in Blender 2.78/2.79. After changing to 2.8 Corona, even the free exporter written by Glen is something that I miss really much. Even tried to go back to 2.79, but 2.8 is much better optimized so i stuck with Cycles/Octane.

I'm looking forward for V-ray and Blender, but I am afraid that developing it isn't go so well. They wrote that they made it work, but didn't show any proof, screenshot. Only words. No Nightlies to check how it works.

Many developers were annoyed by changing Blender Api all the time, but currently with long term support it shuldn't be a problem? Right?

I think that Corona for Blender should bring many users from 3dsmax to Blender, because Belnder is becoming much more friendly software than 3dsmax. And if it will be possible to use proxies made in 3dsmax in Blender it shouldnt be so painful witch changing Softwares:)  I miss Corona proxies the most in my workflow  Using Corona Proxies saved me a lot of memory - for example two scenes one made in Corona and proxies and the second Cycles, which was even less complicated than this in Corona.

Everyday i see many people on Blenderartist forum who are making archviz. If Corona developers arent sure if it is a good place for possessing new clients, than you can make an topic there to ask how many of them should be ready to pay for working and official conection between Blender and Corona :)

I was paying for license even if it wasn't full supported.

Would you like consider to ask for help with bringing exporter to 2.8 on blender artist forum? Maybe we could make some chip in for you guys to speed up the whole process?

Still without denoising in Lightmix? :)

OH i didn't checked that feautre because simply i am not using Lightmix at all. However you can add normal and difuse passes to your render chanels and thgan combine them in Blender 2.81 with Intel denoiser. 3 months ago i used this workflow to get rid of noise while using lightimx.

What changes compared to version 3?

As far as I saw, loading scene into Standalone after exporting is somehow longer than in 3.0 but rendering itself is faster, except this I see no difference.

Hi guys I would like to write, that the latest Corona 5.0 Standalone works fine with latest exporter for Belnder. What is the most important that the previous proxy made using Corona 3.0 standalone works fine with Corona 5.0 There is no need to recreate proxies to use it with it.

However material preview still doesnt work :p

Gallery / Re: My daily renders
« on: 2019-10-04, 15:18:24 »
Yesterday I've made a cgi recration of Karamay Digital Network Control Center in China designed by HDD and I am not sure who was taken the photos of this this building.

I'm not 100% satisficted with these renders but I've learned some new technics in modelling so it wasnt wasted day.

Today I started more complex scene and I'm a little bit worried that it will not be finished before 17, made a few screenshots of workflow but they arent so interesting. However i will post them too.

Update 17:00

Just as I thought, that what i have so far. I will finish it later today or tomorrow in the morning

Gallery / Re: My daily renders
« on: 2019-10-03, 14:18:41 »
I would be interested in hearing about your workflow tips and tricks to make things as fast as possible.

I hope that with the end of my week I will be able to create some kind of summary:)

I would like to show you renders made yesterday - It's a well known project made by Gerge Nijland and Dave Venmans for the Maas Architecten of Villa in Zwolle. I wasn't able to create so deep colours as they did but overall I'm happy with the output. I've made three versions of lighting - Overcast made using Polligon HDRi, Sunny with Noemotion hdri and Sunny with corona Sky.

Gallery / Re: My daily renders
« on: 2019-10-03, 10:07:15 »
In this case, when I am sure what i want to achieve - it takes arround 6-7 hour with modelling/materializing and rendering (render takes something about 1 hour). But as you can see that they arent so complex:) I hope that this practice will make my own production much quicker and better:)

Anyway in Blender I do not have RT and even material preview so for the lighting previews I am using Cycles which gives accurate postions of hdri rotation in Corona. Using proxies for models like people or furniture speeds up the export time, so I am quitte hapy with currently speed of exporter. Of course vegatation is added as the last, because it increase export time a little:)

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