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So as the titles says I'm rerendering my Daniel Craig all in corona texting the new hair shader ( wich is amazing ) and the early skin implementation skin will look better but it's a start :)

Hope you like it !

Work in Progress/Tests / New hair shader tests
« on: 2017-06-22, 07:56:33 »
Hi all,

Some test done with the hair  shader in Corona, some hair render and some fur test render :) the shader is still in early stage, more to come ot it :)  But it look's already amazing , with glint working and other stuff it will look even better :)

Gallery / Sport car concept
« on: 2014-10-18, 11:23:18 »
Hi guys!

My first car ever :)

I wanted to do one, kinda of my dream car I would like, I wanted it agressive and sporty. My first project entirely done in Corona, it's nice to do render test of a car :)

I'll post more soon, the interior is not done yet.. I'll do it later, now I'll return to my characters.

By the way the paint shader is the one of Jeff Patton, thank's Jeff ^^. I modified the red and the white to suit my needs but some other are straight out.

Let me know wich version you prefer , more to come..  compression killing all the details..

Hi there,

There a very annoying bug since I use corona, in the frame buffer when saving an image.

Let's say it's rendering ( and it was a big image, about 5500 x 4550) and while it's rendering I hit the save button, and then I clicked on an image that was already in the folder (just to get the name already write..) and then it FREEZED! after 5 min of kind of trying to load it was still freeze ( and the image I clicked on to get the name was not a big image so ..) I had to kill max ... very annoying :S

Anyone tried or experienced that? I normally have to copy it in the max frame buffer and save with the frame buffer of max wich work well!

Resolved feature requests / Skin shader
« on: 2013-01-11, 19:19:03 »
We need a skin shader, and a hair shader too :)

I'm doing character and I think if Corona have a good skin shader, let's say as good as Vray, then I will do some awesome realistic renders :D  I discovered Corona last week, and can't stop making render test!  So fast! wonderfull renderer and the workflow is perfect :S , simple, well integrated,etc.

Can't wait fo the next release :)

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