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Resolved feature requests / Light Map?
« on: 2013-07-01, 17:04:27 »
Lightmap inside Corona Light setting? Will that be implemented?  I could use 32-bit gradient map as softbox for some studio renders.

General Discussion / Render settings explanation?
« on: 2013-06-28, 19:33:28 »
Are there any explanation render setting especially with basic configuration and GI? Such as brief explanation What are  they, and how it is it used. And so on.  So I can have better understand how to use it for future....  Here's one example. I am struggling to understand why Bldr/VCA just won't display 100% glossy material as to Progressive.. Why? I don't even know what Bldr/VCA is, or how its used. 

Resolved feature requests / Bring Corona VFB back
« on: 2013-06-28, 19:06:59 »
Maybe someome already have posted this issue before but here... If I click [X] on corona VFB.. Of course It will disappears and In order to bring it back I'd have to re-render it again.  Are there a way to bring VFB back with saved render without having to re-render? 

Resolved feature requests / Corona Lights W/Target
« on: 2013-06-28, 02:16:01 »
Add option of Corona Light w/target. Its pain to use X/Y/Z rotations. Especially without RT just yet.

General Discussion / Displacement Issues
« on: 2013-06-22, 23:36:42 »
Can anyone confirm my issues with displacement artifacts (See attached image)... I am struggling even with large resolution displacement map (4K x 4K pixels) . I am running out idea on trying to resolve this issues. Hoping I could get some help. I have also included zipped file "Corona"  of teapot along with map (4k x 4x pixels). Let me know.

I have installed Corona A5 yesterday, I found this one great, simple and intuitive.. Looks very promising.. But only one concerns.... Maybe I've missed something...  Maybe I so used with VRay. But usually with most render engine, they have progress bar that can tell when it will end. But with Corona... Its different and I am not aware or know when it'd end.   My still running at 245th passes and continuing for 20 minutes and I only have a simple torus knot, simple red glossy material and a two rectangle light at intensity of 10.  The result look so clean, no noisy.   I only wonder does it ever stop?

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