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Hi all, is there already any way to keep the opacity channels of materials (as per the already existing displacement) when rendering in clay? And if not are you planning to introduce it?



Hi Guys,

As you can see from the screenshots this scene created in 3 version is now rendering incorrect in the last 4 build. Refraction is not working as should be. Any guess how to fix?



Hi guys, is there any chance that the compositing tag will allow to reduce or increase the gi or reflection/refraction on applied object or groups?

Feature requests Cinema 4D / Corona Proxy Materials on scene
« on: 2018-11-02, 16:59:05 »
Using Corona Proxies I'm missing the possibility to have the materials tag applied to the proxy object itself, a quick way to substitute theme or make quick changes on the materials without the need of remaking the proxy object. Will be great to have it! Thanks

Hi all, as an office which make a lot of postproduction on our images the possiblity to have both masks for the transparent objects and the object behind them would be amazing.

Now we can have or the tranparent object mask, or, unticking visible in mask flag on the material, the mask for the objects behind.

More than that masks for transparent object do not take account of their level of transparency and are just plain white (values of grey in Vray)

Can this feature can be worked on next updates? Thanks!

Feature requests Cinema 4D / Multipass Bulk Render Passes
« on: 2018-11-02, 16:40:16 »
Hi guys, any possibility to implement the multipass with a button for multiple MASK or ID creation (that are sequential) or to save Multipass setting for using them in different scenes?

Hi guys, working in a big production office we are always rendering multiple scenes nightime on the same machine.

We are currently using a nice plug in called PV Render Queue to set a list of scene to be renderer, but we would love to have the feature inside Corona. Hope is a possible feature to be implemented.

Our major problem right now is that rendering multiple scene at once, oblige us to set up the autosave from C4d (instead of manually save from Corona Frame Buffer) and that causes an incorrect output of Color Profile when going into Photoshop. The color profile of the image and the multipass from C4d is Linear and when replaced with the standard srgb in Photoshop, tones down all the passes of 0.4545 gamma (inverse gamma) and obliges us to restore it with a 2.2 gamma causing color data been lost.

Is there any chanche you will fix that, we had the same problems with Vray for C4d in the past and the guys implemented the translator to avoid using C4d native autosave and letting us save separated passes with the correct gamma.

Thanks for the support!

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