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I need help Cinema 4D / Need help creating this shader
« on: 2020-07-16, 07:22:50 »
Hi guys,
I need to create a shader that will give a similar effect like the material in the attached pic...
Iv'e tried many many settings but didn't even come close.
Any help or tips are much appreciated


Hi guys,
I took an old scene I made 3 years ago in VRay and converted it to Corona in order to make some animations. The exterior shots are great but I'm having some problems in the interior...
I attached the first 3 frames - I'm having "flickering" in some areas with high glossiness - You can see it in the kitchen appliances in the back (which I can solve by simply deactivate those reflections), but the main problem is in the wine glasses. The first test render was set to a level of 5.5% noise and took about 1 hour per frame to render (16cores\32 threads machine), than I lowered the noise to 4% - the render took 2 hours per frame but the results are not much better.
The glass material is simple glass (screenshot attached)
So, is this a normal ?Any solution other than loewr the noise level ? I can't lower the noise threshold anymore - render times will get too high....
And another question - When I rendered a certain test frame to picture viewer it took 1 hour. When I rendered the same frame with same settings with Interactive render it took only 47 minuets to get to the same level noise. Why so much difference between the two ?


When Corona 3 came out there were a few threads about the fact that we can't save the CXR files that we render directly from  the "save" menu of C4D.
Today I found out that my HD was filling with hundreds and hundreds of CXR files...everything I render is kept in the preference folder of C4D. So I'm wondering about couple of things:
1. In all the threads about this subject nobody ever mention that all the CXR files are saved to the preference folder...not even the developers...seems a bit weird....
2. Is corona saving all my renderings because I ticked "automatic saving on render end" in corona preference (pic attached section mark in red "1")
3. In the pic attached - I highlighted a section in red marked "2" (output auto save) - It's not "on" by default. What does it do ?


I'm rendering an animation of a product, and I get flickering from the bloom&glare in some areas...
The flickering is in the top right corner in the green buttons. The material of the buttons is just color+self illumination.
When I rendered a short small test of this shot I didn't had flickering. I also rendering now other shots of this product, and I'm not getting flickering...
All the settings in corona render settings are at default. GI solver - UHD cache with secondary GI preset set to Animation.
Any idea\solution ?

I need help Cinema 4D / weird black dots\firefly
« on: 2019-08-27, 17:35:16 »
Hi guys, I did a test render for a client - everything is ok, than I increased the resolution for final render, and I get weird black dots\firefly all over the render...other views\cameras of the same project are rendering now without problem.

What can cause this ?

C4d R20 + Corona 4


I have a serious problem with TR, and this happens to me on many scenes....
When I try to use TR (in any mode - manual\automatic\arbitrated) I get very very dark renders, and in arbitrated mode I get wrong colors on some objects - Any idea why ?


I have a simple scene - A cloner clones 2 objects on a distorted sphere. I also have a shader effector which effects the objects size & color.
I have 20,000 clones.
When rendering without object MB - the render is very fast, preparation time is about 20 seconds give or take.
When object MB is activated, the preparation geometry phase is very very very long - I stopped the calculation after 7 minuets.
I'm on threadtripper 1950X.
Scene file is attached. I made it small so it would fit here - to render it like on my machine just change the number of clones to 20,000 and cache the cloner.

Is that a normal behavior ?

I've just saw an interesting tutorial for Octane + Cinema4d:
What's interesting is the fact that he uses "Octane scatter" to scatter 100,000 cubes on a surface, and the viewport moves smooth. Also it takes just 2 seconds to calculate this - and I'm not talking about the render itself which of course will be fast since this is GPU.
When he change the clones count from 100,000 to 1,000,000 (at 6:25) it takes Cinema4d 5 seconds to calculate this. When I try to recreate this with mograph my machine barely can calculate 50,000 clones (AMD threadtripper 1950X, 64gb ram)

So...first let me say that the fact that we can't use multi instances with the IR is a big drawback...
And second - I know there's corona scatter for max, is there a plan to make corona scatter for c4d too ? and will it be able to handle 1,000,000 clones ?

Hi guys,
I have a scene with a cloner that clones cubes on an object - The object is a matrix.
when I render to picture viewer or render view the preparation time is 2 seconds
when I render to interactive render the preparation time is over 2 minuets (I don't know exactly how much - I stopped the render)

Is this behavior normal or a bug ?
Scene file attached


Hi guys,
So I made a scene with many screws + 1 HDRI light.
Gi solver is UHD cache, noise level set to 7%. The render is 1920*1080 pixels.
The problem is that each frame takes 2.5 hours on my machine (AMD threadtripper 1950X 16 cores\32 threads) - Does that sounds normal ? Maybe something wrong in my setup ??

and another thing - when I activate the velocity pass in order to make MB in post - the pass is completely black....


I need help Cinema 4D / Exclude lights from effecting fog
« on: 2019-06-25, 08:03:54 »
I'm having a scene with 1 HDRI light and 1 area light and a cube with a volume material (I need to produce god rays in that area of the cube), is there a way to tell corona that the light material with the HDRI map will not effect the volume ?
I need only the area light to produce god rays...If I drag the cube with the volume material to the exclude list in the light material with the HDRI map - it still effect it


When Using the Mograph cloner object, and set the cloner object mode to "Object" - the clones are not showing when render to IR.
I confirmed this in 3 different scenes.


Hi guys,

Does corona have problems with Mograph objects ?
It looks like it doesn't render the Matrix object (Pics attached) - I have a matrix objects with some effectors and fields on it - I can see the cubes of the matrix object in the viewport but it doesn't render....
I also encountered problems rendering Cloner objects to the IR - the cloners doesn't show there (but render ok to picture viewer)

Never mind, I made a mistake in the scene


So, the new V4 is just great :)
About the new intel denoiser and the corona denoiser - Which is better for what purpose ? Or is it different for each scene ?


I need help Cinema 4D / Team Render error
« on: 2019-06-01, 06:41:00 »
I installed my Team Render client today, first time I'm using Team Render...
Corona 3 hotfix 2 is installed on my main machine and client machine, but when I try to render I get those errors (pic attached)
Any idea what it means ?
Also, Is it better to stay with the "automatic" configuration of TR inside corona, or should I switch to "Manual" in certain cases ?


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