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Hi guys

I'm trying out the Scene Manager from Pulze aka Brick. So far so good. It's a nice way to set up multiple views in the same file. I was wondering if it would be possible to do a script that will load a specified postprocess and lightmix conf file? Then I could setup each view to load that on a per camera basis. Instead of having to go in and browse and load manually.

Anyone tried that or could help w. a script for it? Pulze support says they don't have access to the VFB and are talking w. Corona devs. But I wonder if this also applies for scripts?

Also, how are you guys using lightmix for scenes where you have more than one view? Here I'm thinking of renderpasses getting messed up if you don't apply lightmix settings to scene and rerender. That is however not a possibility when doing multiple views w. different light in a scene.

Hi guys

We are experiencing heavy slow downs on our 2990WX workstations when multitasking. I.e. when max is rendering it is damn near impossible to work in other softwares at the same time.

First we thought it was just a photoshop thing as it seemed to occur after a PS update, but now it feels like the overall experience in windows is very slow and laggy when rendering (I tried to set used threads to -1 and -2 in the Corona system settings with no difference).

We tend to grab a copy of the interactive render image after a couple of passes and then start work on it in PS while corona finishes the final image. This is nearly impossible now due to the lag.

Anyone else experienced the same thing?

Hi guys

I would love the option to choose which render element the extended IR viewport should be showing. Especially when using the interactive lightmix. It just defaults to the beauty pass which makes it rather useless for lightmix use.

There was an earlier post regarding render elements here:


I'm experiencing the attached result when rendering on 1.7 RC2. Scene was done in this version, so I don't know if it has always behaved like this. It doesn't matter if I have DR enabled or not.

It seems like the opacity map doesn't ignore the reflections cast on the mesh backside.

Here I have some simple shop awnings behind street trees. If the material on the awning is reflective, it will bounce the light on the backside of the tree leaves mesh and produce the attached result.

I'm just removing the reflection on the awning material as a quick fix for the project, but I don't think it should behave like this right?

Hi guys

I'm looking for a solution to 3ds max that works like when you want to resize the Canvas Size in photoshop. Basically adding X amount of pixels to only the top of my image.

If I change the height in render output I will also get "extra" ground that I have to render.

There's this script: but it requires you to render twice and comp in PS.

Can it be done without comping, region renders and all sorts of other workarounds? :)

Hi guys

I've gone through the boards here and over at iToo's forum.

Can someone clarify what the status is on getting instancing to work with iToo's plugins?

On their boards they say you guys have been in contact, but the ball is currently on the Corona Devs' court. Here on the Corona forum it seems like you think the ball is on the iToo's court?

It's a big time waster not being able to use the instancing mode on RC and FP. Lots of extra tweaks has to be done to get the plugins and presets to work as they as they do with vray.

I don't know if it's related, but I'm also experiencing very large slow downs on render starts in scenes with heavy FP and RC items. "transforming vertices" "parsing scene" takes ages, but once the rendering starts, all is pretty fast.


I'm do a few aerial views and I'm getting annoying indirect illumination on my shadowcatcher plane. Is there a way to keep this from happening? I kind of managed to do it with the rayswitchmtl, but then I loose the shadow itself too on the shadowcatcher, which just seems silly :)

Tried all possible settings on the shadowcatcher material itself and also on the object seemingly reflecting light on to the plane, but no dice. I must be doing something complete wrong or ?

[Max] I need help! / Corona Image Editor - output gamma?
« on: 2017-06-06, 20:54:33 »
I saved my output from max to CXR (to play with lightmix) and gamma was set to 2.2. Looks great in the Corona Image Editor, but when I save from the editor to .exr I don't get the option to burn in the same gamma. So when I open the .exr file in PS it's way too dark (looking like gamme of 1). I could just tweak it in PS, but I'm importing several layers and it's just a pain when everything was looking fine in CIE.

I'm probably doing something wrong, please enlighten me :)


I saw someone in the 1.7 daily with the same issue, but it wasn't reported here.

When I render on my workstation + enable the DR and the render finishes, Corona starts the "cleaning up" message. This process never stops. It keeps on running. I am however able to continue to use 3ds max, save my output and everything else (didn't try to rerender though).

When I quit max (2016 sp4) it gave the attached pop up.

Hi guys

I noticed that Google has made some pretty big improvements to .jpg image compression and made it open source:

Now, not being at all comfortable with this stuff I wonder if any of you guys know how to put that code to use?

I tried searching for some small program or upload service like, but found nothing.


Had a couple of LightMix configurations saved so I could load them based on camera shot etc. Worked great. Only problem came when I deleted a LightSelect render element in the middle of the stack (I had 15 LightSelect elements).

After having deleted this, I later loaded the LightMix config and got a totally different looking image.

It was clear that the config file remembers each LightSelect element's value based on how that element is placed in the render elements list and NOT pr each unique render element.

So basically, by deleting my number 2 LightSelect element and then loading in the config file, all the other elements got "moved up" on the list and received wrong values.


Lightmix config:
  • Lightselect Light Table = 1.0
  • Lightselect Light Spots = 0.8
  • Lightselect Light Sofa = 2.0
  • Lightselect Light Door = 0.5
  • Lightselect Light Hall = 0.3

I then delete my lightselect element called "Light Spots", load my config and I get this result:

  • Lightselect Light Table = 1.0
  • Lightselect Light Sofa = 0.8 (should have been 2.0)
  • Lightselect Light Door = 2.0 (should have been 0.5)
  • Lightselect Light Hall = 0.5 (should have been 0.3)

I don't know if a each render element has a unique ID and the value could be tied to that, so even a name change on that element wouldn't mess this up.

Build was the 11-01-2017 daily on max 2016.


I just had a project with 15 different LightSelect passes. I figured I could just send the job to my render node so I could continue working on my workstation. Load the cexr file when render was completed, play with the LightMix feature in full res and then save out a normal exr, tiff what ever to take in to photoshop for final touches.

Problem here is, that even though my node denoised all passes, I still have to denoise them all again when "resuming" the render on the workstation to get to play with the lightmix. Normally it wouldn't be a problem and I could just turn off denoise on the render node job and denoise on the workstation, but for a complex project like this it would be sweet to be able to just let the render node / farm take care of the denoising.

Is this possible in some way or is it a feature request?

Gallery / Stormgade - The Dining Room
« on: 2017-01-09, 16:37:01 »
Hi guys

Here's some shots of the dining room in my refurbishing of an old apartment in Copenhagen.

Hope you like it! Next up: The Living Room :)

Gallery / Stormgade - The Kitchen
« on: 2016-12-07, 11:20:53 »
Hi guys

A few shots from this 1700th apartment in Copenhagen. Went a bit old school with the kitchen fronts.

Hope you like it! Next up: The Dining Room :)

[Max] I need help! / Can't open Asset Tracking
« on: 2016-10-29, 17:12:34 »
*Deleted the ENU folder, and everything works great again. Installing 1.5.1 had no effect. Guess I was just unlucky with some corrupted files...*


This might just be a total coincidence, but I just noticed that I can no longer open up max's "Asset tracking". Haven't really opened it in a while, but it worked the last time and only thing changed is my corona installation. Nothing happens if I access "asset tracking" via the menu nor the shit+t shortcut.

I've tried to uninstall 1.5.1 = nothing
Reinstall 1.4 = nothing
Repaired 3ds max 2016 = nothing

Hope someone got an idea before I have to reinstall everything.

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