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I need help / background is not rendering black
« on: 2015-03-14, 17:57:22 »
Hello people, i am having troubles here with something very simple... i want to use corona sky as a light from environment+ i need the render with a black background+ i need reflection override on the scene from a image that is the background that i will add on the Photoshop, but the render always come with the corona sky, what i am doing wrong?

Resolved bugs / Acess Violation - no RTTI data!
« on: 2015-03-06, 09:24:33 »
Hello i got this message in a scene, this scene i merge in a new max file than i use the Corona material converter, than i just add a Corona sky and press render, i got this MESSAGE:  Acess Violation - no RTTI data!
I am sending a image attached.

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