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Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce Render Manager Prism with full corona render support.
It'll help you to save a lot of time via automating processes.
You can download Prism here
Full help is here

Hi everyone. Here is "Corona Mesh Export" macroscript (Vray Mesh Export analog).
Install it by drag and drop in MAX window.
Select one or several objects then start macroscript via quad menu.

Converts Multiscatter into coronaScatter.

[Max] Corona Goodies - User Contributions / Lights Converter
« on: 2012-09-13, 12:59:03 »
–°orona lights converter from Vray and photometric lights.
VraySun to corona sun
VrayLight to corona light
VrayIES to corona light
Photometric target to corona light (very rough)
Photometric free to corona light (very rough)

Vray Suns are not deleted but hidden.
Latest build is in attachment.

edit by keymaster: updated script version:;topic=79.0;attach=6596

[Max] General Discussion / [DEPRECATED] Material Converter
« on: 2012-09-11, 13:20:16 »
This thread is for archive purposes only, use the convertor here:,126.0.html

Hi everyone. I decided to create material converter from Vray materials to corona.
So here is the first version.
Script converts all scene materials which are:
Be carefull and save your scene before converting script may crash max.

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