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So, is it Nvidia or Corona that is dropping support for older 700 series cards?  What exactly did daily-2019-09-20 do to break things and what files maybe need to be removed to get the previous daily-2019-08-27 building working again?
Nvidia released Optix 6.x.x, this version dropped support for the kepler architecture (GTX Titan 1st gen, GTX 6xx and GTX 7xx).
The Corona Team probably missed this and updated corona's 5.x.x version to 6.x.x, killing support.

Now it's up to the Corona team to either detect the presence of a kepler card and / or allow an option download for the 5.x.x version of Optix or just stick to Optix 6.x.x exclusively and make me a very sad panda :[

Yeah, that's unfortunately to read.  I'm certainly due for an updated GFX card, but was really hoping hold out a bit longer. I do hope the Corona team can provide an alternate solution as you've mentioned.

In the meantime, I was able to go back to the daily-2019-08-07 build at least.  That must have been what I was actually using prior to updating to the 9-20 build.

@The Pixel Artist, i'm affraid i have bad news for you, apparently Nvidia has dropped optix support for your card:

I did read that, but what I don't understand is it was working fine before I installed daily-2019-09-20 and I already had the latest 436.30 driver installed.  I also just checked Thea and it's Optix denoising is still working fine.

So, is it Nvidia or Corona that is dropping support for older 700 series cards?  What exactly did daily-2019-09-20 do to break things and what files maybe need to be removed to get the previous daily-2019-08-27 building working again?

Update:  Just FYI, I was able to get things working again and back to the daily-2019-08-27 build.  I had to uninstall Corona again and then manually delete every left over Corona file/folder I could find on my system (you guys really leave a lot of files after an uninstall).

I also deleted the OptixCache files found under ...Roaming/NVIDIA/OptixCache.  Then installed Corona 4 HF1 and everything was working.  Then update my graphics driver back to 436.30, updated Corona to the daily-2019-08-27 build, and still working fine.  Obviously not going to be installing any new daily builds for a while.  I do hope you guys find a way to offer backwards compatibility if that is the problem.

Update 2: Nope, I'm wrong, it's not working with daily-2019-08-27.  Forgot I had it on the Intel denoiser when I first opened daily-2019-08-27 and hit render.  So still broke with 5 dailies.  But Corona 4 HF1 was work ok.  Really sucks too as Ver 5 was really rendering my scene much, much faster it seemed.

Did you try a complete uninstall and reinstall of Corona?
Yes, twice. Complete uninstall before trying daily-2019-08-27 and daily-2019-09-16.
I double checked, that the old denoiser was gone and the installer did also redownload the denoiser.

When I downgraded to daily-2019-08-07 I did not reinstall and it worked.
tl;dr recap:
Newest Nvidia Driver -> "Error, expected Optix 6.0.0, but you have 6.5.0"
Driver 418.81 -> "Error as posted here"

I'm also the owner of a GTX 770 and having this this exact same issue today after updating to daily-2019-09-20 from daily-2019-08-27.

I did try uninstalling it and went back to the 2019-08-27 build, but same problem still.  Optix seems corrupted now.  I then did a windows restore point from yesterday along with a full uninstall/reinstall of corona and still the same problem.  I seems I've really screwed up by installing this latest daily build!!

I'm going to try uninstalling graphics driver next and see if I can reinstall a previous Nvidia driver.  Fyi, I'm running Win7 Pro, using 3ds Max 2016, and have two GTX 770s in this machine.  I did update my graphics driver a couple days ago to the current 436.30 version and but everything was running fine until I updated to daily-2019-09-20 in morning.

I'll also mention that I do also use Thearender for Sketchup, which does make use of Optix as well.  If that makes any difference or not.

Update:  Well, fully uninstalled Nvidia graphics drivers and went back to 436.15 version along with reinstalled daily-2019-08-27 and still same error!  Nvidia de-noising is completely broke and I have no idea what to do at this point.  Any help would sure be appreciated.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily builds version 3
« on: 2018-10-25, 11:09:06 »
I'm trying to install the RC2 but the Nvidia Denoiser won't be installed. Missing Optix.dll. I also downloaded the Nvidia dnoiser manually and placed it in the same folder - Still didnt work. I have GTX 1080 and latest drivers.

I'm having this same problem with RC2, the Nvidia Denoiser just wont install.  Been a having a lot of problems with the installer with the other daily builds lately too.  The install never seems to fully finish and close down in the task manager.  The "corona-3dsmax-3.rc2.exe" and Max Installer exe (can't remember the exact file name) processes stay stuck in the task manager and have to be ended manually.

Fyi, I do have the latest "NvidiaAiDenoiser.skp" file save in the same directory as the RC2 installer exe.  Also running Max2016 and Win7, if that helps any.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds 1.5
« on: 2016-08-08, 18:32:17 »
ok, ive found another file that its not too heavy and presents the 3 mayor issues right now with daily build, viewport dropping performance when or after render,  displacement crash on proxys and backburnner error when rendering. Ive upload it to the dropbox folder for corona upload, its called social test
reproduced, will be fixed

Was also about to post that I just tested that latest 2016-08-05 and 2016-07-29 builds and having crashing issues with current/past projects with displacement turned on.  Seems to be proxies that have displacement causing the problem here.  Sound's like you're already aware of this but please feel free to let me know if you need any additional info or scene files for testing.

Gallery / Re: Night Racer
« on: 2016-06-20, 17:09:34 »
Very cool!

Gallery / Re: Lakeside Summer
« on: 2016-06-20, 16:25:21 »
Very, very nice work.  Beautiful scene and perfectly finished too.  Great job!

Gallery / Re: House in Germany
« on: 2016-06-20, 16:14:51 »
Wow, gorgeous work!  Your lighting and vegetation are flawless.  Congrats!

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds
« on: 2015-12-23, 16:34:58 »
Can you send this object to support?

Sure.  Do you want the whole scene or just that object? (I'll just send the whole scene)

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds
« on: 2015-12-23, 15:55:19 »
Does the object with grass material have thickness? Does it also happen if you switch UHD Cache to "animation" preset?

The grass mat is the top surface of a single, multi-sub object which does have thickness. (see image)  So the light is leaking through two surfaces.

Just tried the "animation" preset and it doesn't happen (nor with PT or legacy HD cache).  So yeah, it's only happening with the single frame precalc.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds
« on: 2015-12-22, 19:31:23 »
P.S. Also got this error installing the latest (12/19) daily, which halted the install.  FYI, was installing from a networked drive on a Win7 machine.

Had no problem running the installer directly from the C drive.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds
« on: 2015-12-22, 19:25:16 »
During a test render today I notice some GI light leaking using UHD in a confined area of my scene.  I've never seen this before with Corona so I thought I'd point it out.  It doesn't happen with PT as the secondary.  Also double checked the mats to make sure they were solid.  Tested this with 1.3 and the latest daily (12/19).  Only happens while the ground is there.  See attached images.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds
« on: 2015-05-28, 14:53:27 »
Ok, I guess I'll ask... so what's going around here?!  Been completely dead here lately and no build updates in nearly a month now.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily builds
« on: 2014-12-22, 01:53:54 »
I too really like the new UI!!  Very nice!  I would also agree with Romullus' last post comments.

Currently really testing out the new Interactive mode and WOW it's truly amazing!  Having so much fun with it!  By far the best interactive render implementation I've seen yet!  Thea's may still be a bit better in few small ways (like the sketchup implementation you can make the main window interactive and even still work directly in it!).  But, overall, Corona's is far more powerful and feature complete!  I just can't believe you'd doing all this with only the CPU!  Amazing!

FYI, so far so good for the new build, nothing major so far.  A few "weird behavior" things but still exploring them.

Also, I've never noticed this up til now but I see Corona is having the same issue many other renderer do with smooth faceted curves/sphere (edge termination, or whatever it's called).  I know the Maxwell/Thea/Fry engines have been able to solve this.  Is this a new issue? (see attached leaf image)

DC, finally getting a chance to get back to you!

So, good news, everything seem to be working now... but it actually didn't at first.  Was still getting those damn script errors, even with v.28 and the new daily builds.

However, since you weren't having the same problems I figured it has to be something here on my end and I removed all corona files (manually), reinstalled... still didn't work.  Tried several different version combos between ACMC and the dailys, still no luck.  Only Corona v7.2 and below would still work fine.  Then, it JUST STARTED WORKING and I have no real idea why either!!

I had just uninstalled/reinstalled corona/ACM again (7.2, with clear install option, then 12/19 build) tried one scene, no luck, then another and it WORKED, then tried the previous scene and it worked too!!  Now everything seems fine!!!

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