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Just to be historical correct:
it is not a Herman Miller Lounge chair, but a Charles and Ray Eames Lounge Chair.
Herman Miller was the manufacturer.

EDIT: typo

Yes, but this product is herman miller company part. We always can say autodesk created tool or software, but really it did specific people.

My suggestion is just straight up ignore some of the people here - they are way too happy to dictate what a render should or shouldn't look like.. absolutely useless comments.

I like the colors in your rendering, something about it reminds me of stuff an artist named Zuliban used to make almost a decade ago :)

Thank you very much.

I just have to....

makeing the picture look s***ier is not the way to go

uh.. 2nd pic.. don't do that.

2nd picture looks real, looks like a playboy magazine pic from the 80's

What ? :D Do you know what is Herman Miller ? When he was born? And what kind of pictures were made​​? 2npc most representative of the times.

With other post production.

Hello everyone,

Here is my first test with corona alpha 6. I know, I didn't add correct uv maps, there is only test.

Gallery / Re: Icelandic coastal house
« on: 2013-12-02, 02:58:31 »
Wow, great client and product presentation with your renders!

Gallery / Re: First studio ligh test with Corona engine
« on: 2013-11-24, 11:45:11 »
I laughed so hard. Guys, better keep it calm or Keymaster removes MSI and max ray depth forever.

btw, nice clean render, good to see such stuff produced by first time users

I agree with you :D Thanks ;)

Gallery / Re: First studio ligh test with Corona engine
« on: 2013-11-23, 19:25:53 »
What kind of bullshit is 28 rays for this kind of scene? Those 3 Additional rays will not make any difference at all. And MSI 400 in this kind of scene won't make any difference either. Those settings will just make your rendering to take longer, that's all... :D

Do you have sense of humor ?  It is a joke man cheer up.

Gallery / Re: First studio ligh test with Corona engine
« on: 2013-11-23, 18:04:42 »
max depth rays 28

Tips and tricks :D

Very good!!

Thank you

Gallery / First studio ligh test with Corona engine
« on: 2013-11-23, 17:54:22 »
Hey guys, Before two days I saw Corona render and i was vey impress quality and speed of engine!

So i try to render my first image with corona!(All models is Evermotion)

Technical details:
Nothing special. I used PT + PT method, max ray depth 28, PTS 64 and MSI 400 ;) Render time 20m (1600x1200)

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