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Gallery / Re: Seal grey tones interior
« on: 2020-06-05, 19:14:37 »
Damn! That looks very nice! I like it!

Thank you!

Gallery / Seal grey tones interior
« on: 2020-06-04, 22:06:54 »

presenting images from the last project of quite a lot desaturated dining room. I went a little different style compared to the usual.

All images here

Gallery / Magnificence
« on: 2020-04-02, 20:34:00 »
Presenting the images from collaborative project made by me and Patricia Moravikova according to her design.

From author's text:

"This high-generous interior of the lounge space is synonymum of elegance and timelessnes. It is a tribute to the glamor of historical splendor and to the valuable aspect of traditional craft and artistic creation. Every detail, every particle of the space is referring onto a common idea of the reference to quality, value and, last but not least, the charm of ancient natural settlements using contemporary objects.

Playful essential honey and sweet peach tones blend in with the cool bluish shades of stone gray. Metallic elements are powerfully influenced by their austere seriousness, which is ingeniously underlined by the magnificent quarries of the 70s mirror table. The whole game's space is based on a blend of strict rationality with the juicy gourmet taste.

The memento is the correlation of authenticity of specific thinking, design and quality material execution."

Check the high resolution images on

Ok, I wrote it before, but I suppose I can do that again: I have latest gpu drivers and I render with fast gpu denoise disabled (it's interesting feature but in tweaking materials not that useful).

it's happening to me and my colleague too.

Thanks for fast response. Temperatures are fine, even in a heavy load and graphic drivers are latest.
I wrote here because this wasn't happening with the previous version.

Hello, since I installed Corona 3, I'm experiencing blue screen crash quite often.

It happens during interactive rendering in VFB while tweaking materials. At first I thought it was when changing hdri because that was the first few experiences, but now it's happening when tweaking different maps too.
(also I have fast preview denoise turned off)

My pc:
Corona 3
3ds Max 2018
Windows 10
Geforce GTX 1070

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