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Yes, same issue here. It is something with refreshing. Stop buttons, WFB tools and 3d material preview window don't refresh.
restart can help.
it happens randomly and not often and I can't reproduce it again yet.
I installed the latest GPU drivers (SD), but it doesn't help.


[ARCHICAD] Feature Requests / Re: Setup lightmix
« on: 2020-03-02, 09:45:41 »
It's possible in WFB. Setup render elements and add Shading LightMiX, LightSelect.

These folders are Archicad Library and Archicad Migration Libraries.

did you run intaller as admin?

[ARCHICAD] Bug Reporting / duplicated faces
« on: 2020-02-18, 10:41:20 »
when I use marque in 3d (only part of construct elements) there is duplicated faces in section. It is same with 3d cut planes.

(I tried to save it as obj file in Archicad and open it in C4D and there was duplicated faces. But when I save it as *.c4d file from ArchiCAD then geometry was clean. C4D exporter can remove duplicated faces)


Try this:
1. (automatic uninstallation) - Program Files\Corona\Corona for ARCHICAD - Uninstall.exe

2. delete all corona files from  "razsirenija Archicad" folder and all corona files from "add-on" folder. (if the addon folder is only for corona then delete it - you do not need it) Then open - ArchiCAD -addon manager and make sure that corona is NOT on the list.

3. run "corona-Archicad-alpha4-daily-2019-10-07-win"
4. If it is necessary manual copy ArchiCAD files from addon folder to razsirenija Archicad and delete addon folder

Hope this help

I got an issue with the new light.
See the attached file no emitting and the light is black.
The reference light is ok but not turnable to 90 degree


Hi LUXi,
check light settings and make sure you have enabled light.

Corona light for Archicad 21

Hi LUXi, what kind of error message? AC22HUN?

I really don't get it. How can I rotate for example column on y-z axis? I tried to change planes, but all I can do is to rotate on x-y axis. Thanks for help :)
it's not possible. Morph and shell objects are an exception.
For gdl objects, you can use the hotspots.

I think the problem is in 3d script

"compute transform":
   EPS = 0.001
   dirX = coro_targetX - coro_posX
   dirY = coro_targetY - coro_posY
   dirZ = coro_targetZ - coro_posZ
   dirLen = SQR(dirX**2 + dirY**2 + dirZ**2)

   if ABS(dirZ) > EPS then
      rotationY = ATN(SQR(dirX**2 + dirY**2)/dirZ)
      if dirZ < 0 then rotationY = 180 + rotationY
      rotationY = 90

   if ABS(dirX) > EPS then
      rotationZ = ATN(dirY / dirX)
      if dirX < 0 then rotationZ = 180 + rotationZ
      if dirY > 0 then
         rotationZ = 90
         rotationZ = -90

2d script can be usefull:

   HOTSPOT2 0,  coro_targetY,  unID, coro_targetX, 1+128 : unID = unID+1
   HOTSPOT2 -1, coro_targetY,  unID, coro_targetX, 3 : unID = unID+1
   HOTSPOT2 coro_targetX, coro_targetY,  unID, coro_targetX, 2 : unID = unID+1

   HOTSPOT2 coro_targetX, 0,  unID, coro_targetY, 1+128 : unID = unID+1
   HOTSPOT2 coro_targetX, -1,  unID, coro_targetY, 3 : unID = unID+1
   HOTSPOT2 coro_targetX, coro_targetY,  unID, coro_targetY, 2 : unID = unID+1



Yes, as I said, there is a problem with the proxy word, because everyone is explaining it differently :) From the Corona side - Corona Proxy is here to help the editor handling high-poly objects in the scene. What you want here is, however, an object importer, because AC is not providing a good way of importing custom geometry except for the libraries => prepare in Max and bring to AC.

To import objects to archicad I use the C4d bridge, but I think 3ds in can do it too. It is a little tricky - it is necessary to modify gdl code: replace some parts but if it is not very difficult - with note++ you can do it in few minutes.
More important is to have a low memory eater object.

I think it is possible to create hi-quality interior visualization by Corona.
But it is not possible to create hi-quality exterior visualization. The problem is the environment - a lot of objects and RAM usage.

for me, corona proxy is more important.
Combo: Corona proxy - Randomization materials - Corona scatter will be great
btw : Is the corona proxy virtual object (low memory eater)?

Thank you.

[Archive] Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD / Re: News
« on: 2019-08-06, 08:13:51 »
This week will be trello roadmap available, I find this a bit clumsy in the end :)
Hi, its great news.

[ARCHICAD] Resolved Bugs / Re: A VFB small bug
« on: 2019-06-27, 10:33:15 »
Daily Build 2019-06-26 is public? Where is dowload link?
Thank you

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