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I need help / Re: Displacement Issues
« on: 2020-07-06, 22:20:08 »
Thanks for the help. I will definitely try out those methods, hopefully they do the trick!

I need help / Displacement Issues
« on: 2020-07-01, 20:18:28 »

I seem to be getting this tessellation issue lately when using displacement on certain surfaces. It's subtle in the Lightmix pass but very apparent in the Ambient Occlusion pass which becomes unusable like this.  Its generally appears when its on an extruded spline that this issues happens. I have tried to fix it by adding more geometry to the object by either subdividing or tessellating it but neither worked, just made it worse in fact.

Anyway to solve it? any help would be appreciated.


Gallery / Residential Homes
« on: 2020-02-13, 18:20:19 »
Hi Guys,

I just wanted to share with you a few of the residential homes we have rendered over the past few months along with some animations that you can view on our Website, link below.

Comments always welcome, Let us know what you think.

Software used: 3dsmax / Forest Pack / Railclone/ Corona Renderer / Photoshop /After Effects

Follow us at:

Gallery / Cuban Living
« on: 2019-03-22, 14:41:00 »
Hi Guys,

We have not posted in a while so we thought we would share our latest set of renderings with you. A set of images we created that showcases a Cuban inspired Living & Dining Room that combine with an exterior living space.

As always we welcome your comments and we hope you enjoy.

Software: 3DS Max, Corona and Photoshop.


So is this what you are doing?

1) You have a scene set up with main output path (e.g. C:\myfolder1\myfile1.jpg) and render element paths set accordingly (C:\myfolder1\myfile1_renderelement.jpg).
2) You submit this scene to Rebus
3) Then you want to submit to Rebus a different camera view, so you switch to another camera, change the main output path to C:\myfolder2\myfile2.jpg, but the render element paths are still C:\myfolder1\myfile1_renderelement.jpg

Is that correct?
I am afraid this is handled purely by 3ds Max, maybe also by Rebus in some way.
Have you tried opening the asset tracker (Shift+T) and updating the render element paths in there? It should be possible to do it for all elements at once.

Hi Maru,

Yes that's exactly the process and what happens. It only ever occurs after we have submitted to rebus. Never happens when we submit locally on our render farm.

But Thank you for the Tip using asset tracker, didn't think of doing it that way, that should save a lot of time in the future if this persists.

Hi Guys,

We always have this issue after we have we have uploaded a scene to Rebus to render, and have just had it again this afternoon.

All the render element paths update correctly while working and rendering locally, but as soon as we have uploaded a file to rebus and then try to upload another view to render from the same scene with a different file name, the render element paths do not update dynamically anymore. They keep the previously uploaded scenes 'save as' file name.

Somewhere either Corona/3DS MAX or Rebus is breaking that dynamic file naming link during the submittal  the scene to Rebus. It gets really frustrating to have to repath all elements especially if you have a lot of lightmix elements. Deleting and re-adding the elements fixes the issue but is not always possible if you have a complicated lightmix setup.

We are using Corona 3 and 3ds max 2019.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Gallery / Kitchen & Study Nook
« on: 2018-05-02, 16:00:25 »
Hi Everyone.

We wanted to share with you a set of images we created to Test out the versatility of Corona's Light mix and its ability to produce a variety of different lighting results with a single render. Attached are a few day and night shots we created of a Kitchen and Study Nook to test it out. Initially the day version was created and then once rendered it was relit with Lightmix to create the night version. We are so happy with the ease and versatility of the process and the results you can achieve with Lightmix.
As always comments are most welcome and we hope you enjoy!

Software: 3DS Max, Corona and Photoshop.


Gallery / Re: Northern Wisps
« on: 2018-05-02, 15:20:28 »
Truly amazing stuff! Great Images!

Gallery / Re: White Haussmann - CGI
« on: 2018-05-02, 15:12:48 »
Great set of images!

Gallery / Re: Nut-o-grammetry
« on: 2018-05-02, 15:09:28 »
Fantastic Work! Results are amazing!

Gallery / Re: O r a n g e g i c.
« on: 2017-11-01, 15:55:23 »
Fantastic set of Images. Great attention to detail and composition. Well done.

Gallery / Re: The Residence
« on: 2017-11-01, 15:46:32 »
wow, very nice, and very real looking.
Could i please aks how long something like this takes you guys to pull together in man hours.

Thank you, these types of renders can take us anything from a few days to a few weeks depending on the size, scope and detailed required.

Gallery / Re: The Residence
« on: 2017-11-01, 15:44:34 »
Realy nice. Well done.

Thank you very much!

Gallery / Re: The Residence
« on: 2017-11-01, 15:43:54 »
Really nice renders, light, airy and lots of detail.

My one slight comment would be that the low-mids of some of the images are ever so slightly too boosted (the "murky grey" issue that happens when upping the highlight compression spinner). I hope you don't mind but I've attached one of your renders with a quick LUT edit in photoshop to provide a touch more contrast. Purely a subjective view though!

Thank you for your great comments. We certainly appreciate the constructive feedback and will take your advice on board regarding the adjusted LUT image you posted. Thanks.

Gallery / The Residence
« on: 2017-10-23, 14:20:30 »
Hi Everyone,

This is our first time posting to the forum. We have been admirers of all the work on the forum for a very long time so we though it was about time to share some of our work with everyone.
This was a project for a private residence that was used to showcase the new interior design and open plan living space, kitchen and dining area.

Comments Welcome!

Software: 3DS Max, Corona and Photoshop.


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