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I know the corona team has made comments about the difficulties of the blender license model.

But does anyone know how Redshift is handling it? They are developing a plugin which will not follow the Octane-way of doing a custom blender build that connects to their server, , and apparently they found no issues at all with the licensing thing? I remember people were concerned it would get slower etc, but they seemed to have solved it.

Not much info out there, but there is screenshots and videos on their trello:
and a video showing the alpha:

I would cry if a good port of Corona came to Blender. It baffles me a bit why the dev team hasn't made a proper effort to maybe just hire, for an example, blanchg to do it fulltime.
The shift to blender is real, and gets more real every day. More and more companies shifting to it (just recently, ubisoft and embark moving to blender) And all those grants and funds its getting is becoming a bit insane :) I see more and more archviz in the blenderartist gallery popping up. There is Luxcore which is somewhat trying to be the Corona for blender, but its not quite there. Some companies scoff at the blender community for just wanting free software but its not true.If archviz people could get off not having to pay for 3dsmax, and use just blender & corona, i think a lot of them would.

Corona Renderer for Blender / Re: Blender Exporter v8.0.0
« on: 2018-04-28, 20:05:46 »
Cool, well its working for me, havent had any issues with the export, but I do have a issue with using textures.
I get a "Fatal error in mtl-XML file: Scene.mtl: Texture with file name: C:/blabla/texture.jpg not found/not accessible"

Im guessing this is the texture bug you mentioned in another post?
Im on PC.

awesome :)

Corona Renderer for Blender / Re: Blender Exporter v8.0.0
« on: 2018-04-28, 01:30:36 »
how do you install standalone 1.7?  Do you download the latest 3dsmax daily, and just choose to install the standalone?

I thought the development of the plugin was put on hold because of lack of a PC?

If the development is indeed restarting, ill support this, but would like to get some reassurance of it

I can also confirm it works with 2.79b

Now that Redshift is in the works to get a plugin for Blender, maybe there will be a bigger interest to make a real commercial corona plugin
for Blender? :) One could dream.
I can not justify to pay for c4d just to use corona :( Happy we can play around with this at least.

Not sure if im the only one who has the problem now, but the old problem of the IR not updating when rotating a Sky object with a light material & HDRI texture seems to be back since 2-3 builds back?

The actual background texture itself rotates, but the light does not update, or well something is updating, im not sure what it is, maybe just the reflection is updating? Looks odd anyways, and I have to shut down IR and open it up back again.
ive tried to also just rotate the actual texture coordinates, but same problem.
I would be curious if anyone else has this issue..

- hdri not updating in IR when I rotate the hdri texture. The hdri itself is rotating but it’s not updating the lighting. Works fine in vfb.
- in the IR window I can’t zoom out, the furthest I can zoom out is 100%, not sure this is as designed?

Loving it otherwise, big step towards me dropping any other gpu render :p

thats very helpful thanks

yeees the moment working with interiors that has a lot of metals with no diffuse channel makes it very hard to navigate in the viewport, as its all black..

Corona Renderer for Blender / Re: New update mechanism
« on: 2017-07-10, 14:37:44 »
I get this when i click check for updates (see attachement), the 9999999 thing. is that normal? Looks a bit odd.
And if i update to that and restart, and i click check for updates again, the same text appears.

IPR for Standalone, any plans/ETA on that? :) Getting that + getting it integrated into the blender corona plugin by Blanche/Joel would make me abandon cycles, keyshot..renderman and just use Corona..because its just the damn best prettiest render out there imo!

I just donated to your paypal Glen, i know the issues around the kickstarter, but what about a Patreon? Even if there really aren't that many blender+corona users, perhaps the monthly donations would help a little bit, and the perks for the donators could be like..maybe they could get access to a discord channel where they can directly discuss bugs/features with you.

This Corona exporter has been a lifesaver on a current task of mine..I do loads of interior concept art for animation/games, and i dont have a fancy GPU at the moment, so Cycles is just too slow for that.. and I dont want to buy 3dsmax or C4D(also dont have time to learn a new 3d app)

Anyways keep up the good work.

Okay I figured it out, same solution as above, but in the installer you have to click "CUSTOMIZE" in the bottom left, when you get to the installation location. If you dont click there all you can choose is which HD to install it to.

So you have to click there, check the R18 folder, but then you have to click on the folder and choose "custom" (i think), and navigate to your C4D demo folder. Then it will work.

im having the same problem.
latest demo of Cinema4D, and latest corona for cinema4d OSX..
After installing, when I start cinema4d, there is no corona in the renderer list.
Where is Corona installed anyways? I cant find any folder for it anywhere. I've done a full search on the whole HD, and all it finds is a Corona folder in Macintosh HD/Library/application support/corona/ but the only thing that is in there are LUT's.
When I run the Corona installer, I dont get a choice to manually choose where to install it. Are you running Corona Cinema4D A6.1.pkg?
I've tried both that one and the A6.2
Im on OSX Sierra.

Thanksful for any help

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