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Gallery / Re: Apoco77 House
« on: 2016-09-16, 19:20:49 »
I love competition - it has come up with wonderful ideas and better products for the end user )

Give tone mapping and the set of predefined LUT, as in FStorm! )))

I think FStorm a good prospect, pity that he does on the GPU, but it gives all the cards in the hands of the Corona render, to use the best ideas and practices from different render engines, including FStorm )

Gallery / Re: Apoco77 House
« on: 2016-09-04, 22:48:31 »
The level of study is best architectural visualization I've ever seen in my practice - stunning work

For those who wish to purchase the model of the chandelier - it's now available on Turbosquid


This is detailed 3D model of the chandelier from the manufacturer Roll & Hill - "Halo Chandelier - 4 Rings (Brushed brass)" by Paul Loebach

Thank you all for the positive comments )

The next model of bar chair KLÉBER U. F. EBÈNE AND INOX

All images bar chair, not counting example with an interior, made without postprocessing

Details about the easy switching of upholstery materials can be viewed on YouTube

Perfect model!

Very nice!

Thanks )

The next model )

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Rugs WIP
« on: 2016-03-25, 16:42:13 »
Nice, but I think when you bolted the support of hair & fur, they are very relevant, still very expensive in terms of geometry )

Texture detail on leather is great (on both), but they lack speculars to my eye. Almost like you clamped your reflection channel (which ideally, you wouldn't use) with aggressive bitmap which only should go to glossiness.

Of course, without compression of highlights is better, but not always it turns out difficult to achieve in bright places (not in this case)
Without compression looks in more detail )

The render with materials applied looks awesome already!

Thanks maru! )

What can you say about this option?

Nice detailing, but for the stitching it's more optimal to use single spline and imitate the stitching with opacity map, saves ton of geometry weight.

Looking for what purposes )
If the General plans, then Yes, but if to large, I prefer geometry )

very nice, is the leather part detailed in ZBrush? how did you do the stitching? by distributing single stitch along the path or opacity map inside shader? How many polygons?

The model was made in 3ds max, all made of poly modeling. Stitches made with geometry and multiplied along the way, on the surface. I added ties on the little hairs, the Hair and Fur modifier. The model has correct texture coordinates, which allows to correctly configure the materials.

The model of a chair without stitches: 15564 polygons
The model with the stitches: 137900 polygons


Test materials:

Gallery / Re: Childroom
« on: 2015-12-17, 11:23:58 »
Looks like child's room done right. For me everything is in really really good taste.
(maybe except the Mac, don't spoil your kids! ;) )
Maru, the Mac is to better connect the Iphone ;)

Btw, everything is good, but floor displace (or is a 3d model?) seems to be esagerate, too deep grout imho.

All 3d model )

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