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From when First used Vray I loved it, a breath of fresh air (over 13 years ago), Corona is now a new breath of fresh air, what Vlado has made for the world of 3D is incredible, what Ondra has created for Architure is a game changer, I personally think they both are amazing for different rolls, why can't they function together? If I made films VRay is so much more complex to deal with that Corona in so much more Architecture driven, have said that it holds its own in an animation world.

These are not money driven people they love what they do and are helping all of us, so let's all calm down and see where we are in the future....... the future is bright!!!!!

God bless VRay and Corona

PS I never rant but 15+ pages has made me give an opinion.

[Max] I need help! / Re: alpha help!
« on: 2017-06-02, 15:13:23 »
Thanks for reply I tried that and it fixed the issue. Thanks

Hi there

I hope you can help me. I’m losing the plot here!!!!

I have rendered an image out as .EXR and loaded it into Afinity photo.

Then, I used the alpha channel pass to remove the sky from the beauty. All good.

When I drop a background in behind I still get the white lines around the trees.

How can I fix this?? Is my alpha set up wrong?

Is this a corona thing or an PS/ Affinity thing??



[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Add IES to CononaLightMtl
« on: 2016-10-28, 13:48:42 »
Don't know if possible but ability to add and IES to a CoronaLightMtl would be good.

Ripple in water are made with a bump map set at 0.2. On a flat plane with no geometry.

Revision, thanks for you help Nekrobul, I think I have sorted it out now. Gamma needed to be 1.0 like you said.

The first one is with my map and the second with yours. My map is the darker one

I have resolved the problem, I think it wasn't looking right because I was in mm in Corona and cm in Vray, will do some more tests

I did a little test with VRay and it displaces correctly, using the recommended setting, can't get the same result out of Corona.

Yes I have used the wrong settings, for example the first image has a setting of 300mm, when it should be 80mm,
but when I did 80mm it didn't displace enough.

Any tips would be appreciated.


Fair point, have fixed this issue

Just a little test I hope you like.

Gallery / Corona Kitchen
« on: 2015-06-26, 11:44:40 »
Corona Kitchen 400 Passes

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