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Title: Tribal Hotel
Post by: Omegarender on 2020-10-26, 18:12:49
We're so excited to share some renderings of the new hotel, which were made for Tribal Houses. This house is being built right now! It will be the largest of the eight new houses they are projecting to build in the next couple of years, and it’s going to look fabulous! 


The pool is going to look pretty amazing, with a tiled sunbed "floating" on one end. The second floor will be lined with clay pots filled with hanging plants and the courtyard is going to look super lush with mature palms trees and tropical plants.


Another render of the new house shows the round built-in concrete sofa with rounded walls above it. We are using wood for the first time in our designs: part of the wall is covered in half-round tambour made of local teak; above is a hand-corrugated plaster wall, with indirect lighting emphasizing each level.


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