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Title: Displacement artifact
Post by: NEO-N on 2019-07-11, 16:54:00
Hi, sort of "long time no see". I just downloaded Corona 4.0 hot fix for 3ds Max '19 and I'm facing this particular issue - See the attached screenshots and GIF

What's weird is restarting the IPR make the problem go away but come back when I restart the IPR again or move the camera.. it gets refreshed on changes such as filtering that I mentioned bellow, which I first thought was the cause of the issue.

• Problem: artifact you see (dark triangles)+ flatten displacement in some (random?) areas in the plane

• What I tried:
- plane is simple default Max plane, nothing fancy added
- different filtering (0.01 OFF or 1 ON) and filtering mode
- material disp and also CoronaDisp modifier
- different Corona Settings from Displacement Screen Size
- Tried the map in another renderer, no issue. The maps are all fine.

Am I perhaps missing a detail?
Title: Re: Displacement artifact
Post by: romullus on 2019-07-11, 17:31:37
Did you move the view after starting IR? Displacement in Corona is adaptive, it triangulates only directly visible parts of the mesh. If you move the view or mesh itself while IR is running, displacement won't be updated, you need to restart IR or change displacement settings in order to update.
Title: Re: Displacement artifact
Post by: TomG on 2019-07-11, 20:25:42
Right, in the final render it will look correct, as displacement will be calculated for that particular view and then the view won't change. You could use World displacement instead, but that would use significantly more memory and pre-processing time, so not recommended (but then when you move the view, displacement would have been calculated for the whole scene so the new view will look correct also - quite a price to pay for just being able to move the view in IR, though, and is there for an option in other situations :) )
Title: Re: Displacement artifact
Post by: maru on 2019-07-12, 14:53:43
You can force calculating displacement also for areas outside of camera view by:
- Switching to world-size displacement
- Using a special string option:
Both things will significantly increase displacement calculation time and RAM usage.