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Title: Notre Dame
Post by: louisryko on 2019-06-10, 15:20:20
Hi guys,

I'm considering entering a design into the current Notre Dame Cathedral re-build competition.

I'd like to get the work done as fast as possible (it's the only way I can justify spending time on a non-paying job). This probably means it'd be best to start with a nice, clean, usable 3D model of Notre Dame available.

My query;  does any friendly Corona user here have a nice model of Notre Dame cathedral they'd be willing to share?

Alternatively, would anyone else who is considering entering the competition be willing to go splits in buying a 3D model with me? (I know, I know, this probably violates user agreements, so this is certainly an unfavorable query...)

Just thought I'd throw this out there, thanks!
Title: Re: Notre Dame
Post by: Jadefox on 2019-06-10, 16:24:56
Hi Louis

Would this not be an architectural submission?
I am speaking under correction , but wont the submission need to be structurally correct? That is a pretty render wont cut it ?
If anybody wins this they should be able to actually build it.
Not sure if you wanted to enter as CG artist or architectural practice, apologies if I misunderstand the submission rules.

Title: Re: Notre Dame
Post by: louisryko on 2019-06-10, 17:14:52
I am an architect ;)

I also just happen to work mostly in archviz.

It actually is an open competition, so anyone can submit. It's also highly unlikely that the winning entry will ever be selected to actually be built anyway, so the structural integrity of the design is a low-priority. This is an ideas competition.
Title: Re: Notre Dame
Post by: Designerman77 on 2019-06-10, 18:42:04
Louisryko... is it actually even a requirement of this competition, that the idea should be constructible?
In such a gigantic project... good Lord, how many changes will be made during the realization. :)))

I wouldn't worry too much if the first concepts can be built exactly like that... :)
Basic ideas are about the "spirit" of a design... If one starts to design full of fear about realization, things will look exactly like that. Stiff and without any vision.
Look at Corbusier´s famous church... I'm sure, hundreds of his colleagues said that it´s a catastrophy to build such in reality. :)))

That's the great thing about Corona... it´s so intuitive & fast, that it´s a great help in parallel to your first sketches.

However... I guess you simply need the 3D-model for the first step.
Title: Re: Notre Dame
Post by: aaouviz on 2019-06-11, 10:50:00
Interesting, I was thinking of entering this competition too...
Title: Re: Notre Dame
Post by: bluesarchitecture on 2019-06-26, 17:51:23
I am also Interested in this model. I thought I would build it in ArchiCAD. There I would also plan the new construction. The only thing I have is a 3d dwg and a 2d dwg with a section. In bad quality. If we are enough, we can buy the model of turbosquid :D
Title: Re: Notre Dame
Post by: Designerman77 on 2019-06-26, 20:57:13
The organizer of that contest should provide proper 3d data to qualified participants. :)
You anyway already give your time and creativity for free..
Title: Re: Notre Dame
Post by: burnin on 2019-06-26, 22:44:44

"... wanting, needing, waiting,
for you to justify my love..."

yet, no one has even bothered to post any concrete info or a link.

Title: Re: Notre Dame
Post by: Designerman77 on 2019-06-26, 23:45:09
You mean such links?

At CGTrader they just reduced the best model from 231,- to 161,- EUR

It is said to be not completely accurate... but one can surely modify / correct it.

Title: Re: Notre Dame
Post by: burnin on 2019-06-27, 10:42:19
Simple basics.

Grand Prize: $1,000 // Deadline: June 30 11:59PM PST

3D models:

have fun