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Title: No Animation Tutorials
Post by: Graeme on 2019-02-20, 17:16:30

I am a beginner with Corona and want to use it for Animations in 3ds Max.

I cannot find one Tutorial for beginners for Animation using Corona, there is one Video I found on youtube, Saving the UHD cache, but what happens if you are complete beginner and need help.

There is nothing, no written details or video to direct someone how to use Animation, step by step for the complete beginner.

Please help.
Title: Re: No Animation Tutorials
Post by: TomG on 2019-02-20, 17:18:35
There are no tutorials, because really nothing changes for animation. Animation is just a series of stills, so the principles are the same. The only difference is the UHD Cache and being able to save and reuse it - which is why there is that one tutorial :)

Everything else, the same applies as for stills, with no difference from the Corona side of things. Most animation workflow is all to do with the host 3D application - when it comes to rendering, there isn't anything much different between stills and animations.

Title: Re: No Animation Tutorials
Post by: Graeme on 2019-02-20, 17:25:03
But dont I have to change my settings under Common Tab under Time output from Single to Active Time Segment or ?
and I have to save the render file as a Cxr or Png?
Dont I have to change the Progressive Rendering limits?
dont I have to change the UHD cache from Still frame to Animation and save the UHD file?

Rendering Still images is easy, but I do the same prodecure for Animation and it doesnt work.

Is there something else I need to do in MAx?

So it seems like I need to change alot of settings if I want to capture an animation, or I am doing something wrong because everytime I render it just renders one frame.

I am using 3ds max. Please can let me know the steps I need to take, cause I failing at this everytime, please.
Title: Re: No Animation Tutorials
Post by: TomG on 2019-02-20, 17:41:56
Rendering more than 1 frame is the same for Corona Renderer as it is for any other engine in 3ds Max - that's where the host software information comes in. You'd need to look for tutorials on how to create and render animations in Max, and then Corona does the same thing (only, you adjust Corona settings as you would for still images with Corona).

So, you need to create a frame range to render in the Common tab (anything in the Common tab is 3ds Max, so is covered by Max tutorials). File format to save to is your choice - CXR wouldn't be recommended, since video editing software won't load it, but beyond that it's up to you whether you want PNG, JPG, EXR, all depending on your (non-Corona) workflow.

You should change the UHD Cache from still frame to animation (as covered in the Cache tutorial you linked to). Whether you save the Cache or not is also covered in that tutorial, it's what that video is all about, and is the only Corona-related factor in animations :) Basically, saving and reusing the Cache will save you some seconds calculating the UHD Cache every frame, but that only works if the camera is the only thing that is moving - if lights or objects are moving significantly, best just to have the Cache recalculate every time.

So, best bet is to look up animation tutorials for Max, which will cover everything from setting frame ranges to keyframing to setting up rigs for characters, all items that are not related to the renderer. Then use that one video of ours on choosing how to handle the UHD Cache, and you are set!
Title: Re: No Animation Tutorials
Post by: Graeme on 2019-02-20, 17:49:34
Great, thanks for your help, much appreciated.