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Title: scene management
Post by: Javadevil on 2019-02-10, 04:26:22
Hi Guys, How do you manage different scene setups? Keeping it to the one file. For instance one shot I might have an interior sun lite scene, 2nd shot dusk artificial lighting, at the moment I'm writing down my settings and plug in the sun time of day and turning lights on and off for each shot. Its not to bad for one or two shots but anymore and it gets time-consuming.
Back in the day I use to use LPM manager, which I haven't used it in a long time. It could save the state of each shot.
Scene States I find to buggy and wouldn't remember things like the time of day.
Its important to keep it in one 3dsmax file as clients keep wanting to make changes to furniture, architecture, materials, etc..
Has any had any luck with Pulze? It looks like the kind of thing I am after, but I'm not fond of the rental model.
Title: Re: scene management
Post by: Mr.Max on 2019-02-18, 09:00:29
I work with batch camera render  script which allow you to turn lights on and off per shot.
For more complex scenarios I use prism and it is really good and works fine with Corona and Vray.
I just want to mention  that in max there are 2 different way to deal with this.. The first one is the old scene state which works as just preset with almost no control.. The other one is the state sets which is much more powerful. The later used to be bugged years back so I've stopped using it but I don't know if it is stable enough now.
Here is a list for what are the available solutions that's I'm aware of if you want to read more about them
1-RP Manager
2-Prism (Free) - ( previously called LPM )
5-Pulze scene manager
Title: Re: scene management
Post by: zules on 2019-02-18, 12:21:37
Scene Manager is pretty cool and handy, with 50€/year licence.
Title: Re: scene management
Post by: Javadevil on 2019-02-19, 22:39:22

Thanks Guys,

Zules whats Scene Manager ? Is that Pulze Scene Manager or is epheres one ?

Mr.Max, I'll check out Batch Camera Render script.

I'm surprised no render engine has created there own scene manager.