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Title: LIGHTMIX - render element names
Post by: j_man on 2017-11-16, 13:32:54
Hello all,

Could the LIGHTMIX setup please add the render element type / class as a suffix on the name and filename output so;

Interactive LightMix becomes CShading_LightMix-Interactive
Environment becomes CShading_LightSelect-Environment
Sun001 becomes CShading_LightSelect-Sun001

As it is now we have no way of knowing what render element output files are LightSelects for further processing (OK, I can assume that anything not named well is a light but that isn't very elegant or certain).

Thank you!

Title: Re: LIGHTMIX - render element names
Post by: Njen on 2017-11-16, 22:41:02
This sort of thing can be easily scriptable.

Code: [Select]
re = maxOps.GetCurRenderElementMgr()

someLightArray = ($someLights* as array)
re.addrenderelement (CShading_LightSelect elementName:"lightElementName" includedNodes:someLightArray useDenoise:true)
Title: Re: LIGHTMIX - render element names
Post by: j_man on 2017-11-20, 10:13:01
Hi Njen,

Thanks for your response. Running a simple script to add a prefix after setting up the lightmix would fix the symptom but leave the problem. It is also prone to human error ("oh yea, I forgot to run that script before sending my render job").

All your script would do is to add an array of lights to a LightSelect render element. This is not the same as setting up Lightmix and doesn't address the request I have made.


Title: Re: LIGHTMIX - render element names
Post by: Njen on 2017-11-20, 19:14:43
The lightmix AOV just reads the names of the individual lightselects. So the issue you have is to name the lightselects the way you want. That is what the script does. And if you want to stop human error, then simply combine a quick sanity check in the render submission.

Btw, using simple scripts such as the one I posted, I have already easily setup exactly what you have asked for including a sanity check on render submission for the animated short film I am making. With the click of one button, I create the lightmix AOV plus all the lightselect AOVs I need based on wildcards, with the names I want.

I'm not saying that the feature request is irrelevant, but again, what you have asked for is easily scriptable. I was just providing you with a solution that you can use for now.