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Title: Laptop for VR
Post by: Edvinas on 2016-11-24, 19:14:32

It's time to get more or less decent laptop for VR and light rendering. Would definately invest in workstation, but bringing it to every client with huge VIVE box just isn't a way. So basicly I will use it for running unreal scenes and sometimes for easy modeling/rendering with 3ds max + corona.

Thinking about 1070 or 1080 nvidia, 16-32Gb RAM, 4 core i7. Screen isn't a first thing, since I will have viewsonic monitor when working. Any advices on brand? I heard that Asus ROG series are bit more realiable, so it's possible to get something like that for around 2k euro. 1080 GTX would make it 3k euro. How about MSI? Anymore better options or brands? What would you buy in my case for 2-2.5k euro?

Thanks everybody a lot!
Title: Re: Laptop for VR
Post by: cecofuli on 2016-11-24, 22:38:56

They use Clevo , re-branded.
Title: Re: Laptop for VR
Post by: fco3d on 2016-11-24, 22:45:24
if it is anything related with VIVE or VR, I would strongly recommend anything with a 1080 or 1070 at least.
We have a DELL Alienware with an 980, it can run very light VR projects, and games but more complex VR projects it can't deliver the 90 FPS you need.
We got a MSI 17" with the 1080 on it, it just fly with whatever we throw at it.
Anything with a 1080 will be 17"
you could find some 15" with 1070 but that about 20% less performance than the 1080 so depending of type of project you'll do it may be OK or not.
Regarding the VIVE box, the second generation comes with a smaller box, or you can search in Amazon VIVE bags, they have very good options.
Title: Re: Laptop for VR
Post by: kdt on 2016-11-25, 04:22:44
I have an  MSI Dominator. Nvidia gtx 870. Quad i7 2.8 cpu . Monitor 17 inches. RAM 32 gb. SSd 512 gb.
Regarding  portability, is pretty bad, because is really huge for a laptop. The battery is heavy.
Nevertheless I am pretty happy with this machine,  because I do not need to move it constantly, just from time to time. It is powerful, considering that is a laptop.
I use it for modelling and render. I guess that my next machine will be MSI again, due to the relationship price-quality, pretty good. I have seen in Amazon some MSI desktop that are really interesting. My previous workstation was a Dell T7500 (2009), dual Xeon motherboard, nvidia quadro, etc. Despite its age, it still being 25% as fast as the MSI i7 for rendering.  But Dell workstations are too much expensive for me now, so I can not upgrade to the current version of Dell workstation.   
Title: Re: Laptop for VR
Post by: Edvinas on 2016-11-25, 17:36:33
Thanks a lot for responses.

The big question is now: it's 1080 or 1070.. Right now thinking about Dell alienware