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Lights flicker as they exit frame


Hi everyone,

See attachment.

I am working on test renders for a large architectural scene. The camera slowly moves forward, and as lights exit the frame, they flicker and turn off. Also, another light seems to be flicking the entire time. 

Note: The momentary white flash at 6 seconds is intentional.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time.


Looks like a cache issue, I'd try the other cache (ie try 4K if this is UHD, or try UHD if this is 4K), try precalculating the cache (, or just move to path tracing if none of the above works.

Thank you for your response @TomG - I appreciate it. :) I am using a path tracing workflow.

Maybe I'm wrong, but to me it looks more like displacement is just covering the light from time to time. Moving the lights a bit away from the wall should solve it.

Good Luck

Thank you for your reply @Frood - I will investigate your suggestion and report back. Appreciate it!!


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