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You have to enable devel/debug mode first to get those options. See

Good Luck

Yes, it has been down for a while now. But since I think I can guess who you are: the latest changes were "only" about the tone mapping pipeline afaik ;]

Good Luck


the example in your code section #1 works here. Do you really get a crash or just a frame error? If crash: check Max.log on the render node and/or see if there is a minidump created.

Backburner submission via UI works for you?

God Luck


I think it's a misunderstanding. When using Corona, 3ds Max handles the file outputs at the moment. You cannot just set properties of another engine, they do not exist. However, you can access the frame buffer data like this and do anything in a script with it:

Code: [Select]
-- for all engines:
display render1

-- Corona VFB access. 0 is channel beauty, the booleans mean postprocessing and renderstamp included yes/no:
render2=CoronaRenderer.CoronaFP.getVFBContent 0 true true
display render2

Usually you can find that information here:

But for some unknown reason it's down atm.

Good Luck

I'm using it on 2023 - no issues.

Yep, same here.

Good Luck

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: UHD Cache / 4K Cache
« on: 2022-09-22, 09:02:27 »
Hi Alex,

those 1 to 6 would be a special case where you have tiny cam movement and no animated objects/lights in your scene. The standard procedure would be setting up the scene to render all frames, but with "Every Nth Frame" set to something reasonable (maybe 10), then "Try to load + append" with "Save to file" activated and a file name (accessible by all nodes) and animation activated for the cache.

Then "Load from file" with render settings for production and "Every Nth Frame" set to the required one (usually 1, depending on production workflow).

So all in all the requirements are very different, making it hard to automate things. Maybe you can look into the "Preset" feature of render setup, you could create a "precalc" and a "production" preset for the project.

Btw: Corona still saves into the light cache file using "Iterative" render mode (not "Interactive"), which is a violation of the idea of iterative rendering and can easily destroy a laborious created light cache file if you are not aware. Your post reminded me to report this.

Good Luck

I hope somebody finds it useful.

Yes, me :) Thanks for this and I agree to this part of your readme there particularly:

In my humble opinion, Corona new tone mapper could output easily as nice array of operators and it make things a whole lot easier and way more flexible for coders to use this awesome feature.

.. which has been my suggestion in the first place and it can still be done imho.

Anyway, I'd love to see an option to manipulate a Corona camera operator pipeline with your struct, not only the global one. Maybe just adding a public struct property to crnToneMapping where we can reference a camera and use the existing functions would be a way to go. Basically, you then could operate on this.CamNode for example instead of renderers.current if it is defined.

Good Luck

Hi Bohus,

this is the correct way

Your example reveals that the defaults for maxscript OperatorPlugins should be matched to the VFB ones.

Code: [Select]
newOp = ContrastOperatorPlugin()
This, for example, creates a ContrastOperator which is a) disabled and b) has value 0. Many default values differ from those you get when adding an operator in VFB by pressing "+" (the VFB default values are all ok).

In detail (max object defaults vs. VFB defaults):

ContrastOperatorPlugin: value is 0, should be 1
LutOperatorPlugin: opacity is 0, should be 1
ReinhardOperatorPlugin: compression is 0, gets 0.01 after adding to VFB via script and enabling it, should be 1
TintOperatorPlugin: colour is 0 0 0, should be 255 255 255
WhiteBalanceOperatorPlugin: value is 0, gets 2000 after adding to VFB via script and enabling it, should be 6500
AdvancedFilmicOperatorPlugin: toe lengh and shoulder length is 0, should be 0.5 both

And basically all operators should be enabled by default (colorMappingOperator_enabled=1).

Good Luck

Seems to be related to the chamfer update.

Thanks for the additional information. I remember at least having corrupt stacks using chamfer in the 2021.1/.2/.3 update path as well, but no hangs.

Good Luck

Strange one. If you start max, and do a (Corona) "Reset settings" in render setup -> Scene, it is not happening. And additionally you can load any (other) scene without this issue subsequently using that max instance. I compared all renderer properties before and after the reset and restored them exactly as they have been -> no issue as well. So maybe related to Render setup -> system settings. I cannot see any difference in the files storing the system settings though.

There is another bug, stopping you from opening scenes pre-update.

Any reference, or just personal experience?

Good Luck

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Selection Render Improvement
« on: 2022-09-15, 17:54:34 »
Auto Region Selected :D - or just go on with the Selected but set a region. ı guess it will work.

What about "Auto Region Selected", native Max feature? Many drawbacks, I know. But you seem to need it to render just on your box, should work fine if you use a fixed light cache (and no caustics).

Any "Render viewport selected" would not work as a network job. So yes, the feature to render a crop box together with Corona "Render selected" include/exclude feature would be kind of a solution. Or -even better- speedup of the current feature.

I remember having used a bounding box, invisible by material to track and render the area/object I need. This way I was even able to send it to the farm. I'd have to look up the setup for details though. Pitfalls here as well of course.

Good Luck

Looks like the bug came back. I could reproduce it here with my current scene using Max 2023, Corona 8.1 and CIE 8.1 (see image, left is the CXR opened in CIE). Reset settings, recreating render elements and other standard measures to fix it do not work. However I could not reproduce it in a new (teapot) scene.

Good Luck

Which version of Corona and CIE do you use? There has been a bug where distinct render elements (sampling focus, render stamp) were not showing up, but it has been fixed a while ago.

Good Luck

Where do you load the CXR? It should be present if opening the file in Corona Image Editor (CIE).

The renderstamp is is not stored as bitmap data when using CRX but as text instead. However, there should be an additional CRX in your render output (because 3ds Max unfortunately saves all render elements, even when having "Automatically add/remove render elements" activated) which contains only the stamp as rendered bitmap.

Good Luck

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