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We have made public at Moso Studio our internal HDRI quick Environment script.(free to use)
Is a tool developed over the years to streamline the usage of HDRI libraries; The latest version includes spinners to locate a sun accurately based on geographic location and time.

Not a valid vimeo URL
Not a valid vimeo URL

The link can be found on our blog. (




[Max] Bug Reporting / Motion Blur bug when using Auto Smooth
« on: 2019-03-06, 20:12:37 »
Dear Corona Team,

I think i found what looks like a bug... I have an animated skinned character... i needed to put a smooth modifier after skinning... and when i turn auto smooth motion blur stops working.. See video below.
Not a valid vimeo URL

We have just finished developing a couple of scripts that we wanted to share with the hope that they can be useful to others.

We are big fans of the light mixer and is already an amazing tool as it stands... we found a few things, however, that could make its usage a bit more efficient and convenient, so we wrote two scripts.

Below is a video showing how they work:
Not a valid vimeo URL

The scripts are attached here.
We have used them already in a few projects and it has been very useful, especially in Nuke, but also to make the process in 3dsmax a bit easier.
If you are installing the python script on nuke you need to add the following lines to your

Code: [Select]
import LightMixer'Nuke').addCommand('Scripts/Light_Mixer', 'LightMixer.LightMixers()')'Nuke').addCommand('Scripts/SHuffle_Channels', 'LightMixer.ChMask()')'Nuke').addCommand('Scripts/Shuffle_All', 'LightMixer.AllChan()')

If you do use it please let us know what you think.
We will hope to post any updated versions and a bit more info in the blog of our website at Moso Studio.


Dear Corona Team,

I think i found a bug on the behavior of the Fresnel IOR of the corona material when using a texture.
This very unpredictable behavior happens where the texture used almost fades when the camera is further or less zoomed in to the object, and the material is represented like a completely different material. Please look at the image attached that explains the issue.

I was just wondering if this is something you guys are aware off... it becomes a big problem when using corona with packages like substance, or 3D Coat, where the metalness controlled by this parameter is commonly used.

For the time being, will use a layer material but was hoping this could be looked into.



Dear Corona Team,

We have been doing a bit on work with corona lately, for that purpose we are paying 1+5 license.
I think i understand the concept of the floating license that corona provides; however my question is considering that have 10 render nodes and they may sometimes doing Vray jobs or Nuke or other through deadline..
  • Can i have corona installed on all of them but only 5 of them running at the same time?(without manually activating or deactivating licenses on the ones i need) I ask that as that is how Vray and Nuke render nodes licenses are setup. (for example: We only have 2 render nodes licenses of Nuke, but we can use any free 2 render nodes at any given time to render a nuke file)
  • How do I activate the render node licenses if I cant open 3dsMax on this nodes as they are not activated (since they are render nodes and we do not have licenses for them)

Thanks for your help... we may end up paying for more licenses on and off... but im worried about how to manage this on the render nodes


[Max] General Discussion / Xeon/Multiprocesor low perfomance
« on: 2014-04-12, 17:56:14 »
Dear Corona Team,

I wanted to share an unexpected result we are having with the rendering speed and stability of corona with some of our PCs.
We are rendering a quite heavy scene on our render farm; recently we acquired a boxxpro render box with dual xeon 2667 processors. Initially compared to our 3930K i7 this renderbox perform about twice as fast in some vray scenes.
However when we started to render this corona scene on this boxx, the results are very strange as it takes longer than the i7s... and today we noticed it got hung up on parcing the scene for 6 hours...Im attaching a capture screen of the render manager, and the corona render settings for reference.

Im not sure this is a specific corona issue, or what to think of it.

Very happy with Corona nevertheless.


[Max] General Discussion / Passes Limit limit?
« on: 2014-03-22, 17:30:53 »
First of all I have tried corona briefly, and Im really impress with the potential so far, so thanks a lot for the hard work!

Now to the issue, im rendering a scene for an animation, and im having relatively great results with corona in quality vs time compared to my usual renderer. My issue is that my frame renders are about one hour long, and Im willing to make them last twice as long to get better quality as the noise is still a bit bothersome; I had set the settings to have 150 passes and it rendered in about 1 hour, then increased them to 200, and still render in the same time, and quality was basically same, then i increased it to 300 and same result... is there a limit on how many passes really will be used, and after that increasing them will not do anything?

Thanks for your help, will continue to do some more tests,


UPDATE: As i said im still getting used to corona, so it seems that there was a time limit that had been set up at some point; so i will disable that and test again

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