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Hi all,
since there are many relatively serious bugs in Alpha 4, I will try to speed up the release of next (bugfixed) alpha as much as possible, that means it will be released after just 1 or 2 major features are added (probably IES lights and interactive rendering).

The development speed will be however somehow slowed down, because I also need to work on a business plan and do some negotiations with potential sponsors to finance full-blown commercial development.

Just please do not sell your developments to any companies!!!


I guess thats good news in the long run,  FULLY SPONSORED !!!! FULL TIME WORK ON CORONA :)

Hope that'll work for ya... :) Anyways, I was hoping SSS and skin gets higher priority than IES and RT... Just don't sell your soul to some devil :D

I'm not gonna sell Corona to autodesk, don't worry ;)


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