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AA problems and noise

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One more render 1800*1800
No Caustic in the Glass material
White color is about 218 218 218
6 hours more than 300p but so many noise
You can see problems in the table where the lamp stand
link is clickable

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I don't know C4D so I'm not aware of UI differences but in 3ds Max I would:

-about noise: portals are necessary here, in 3ds you make portals by creating single-faced planes with CoronaPortal Mtl and put them in the window holes from the outside. I would also render a GI and direct light passes to see if the noise comes from GI or direct lighting. If it's from GI, I would slightly increase PT samples (32?) - this should improve GI quality without much time loss. If the noise is from direct light, I would decrease PT samples (unless it makes much more noise in GI) and increase direct light samples multiplier

-about AA: if you want better AA, then you should decrease PT samples but it will always be at the cost of GI so see point 1... :)

Generally, adding portals should totally change render times here so what I wrote is simply guessing.

Ufortunatly there is no portals in C4d version yet
I tryed different combination with PT amount and it does not give good result for AA
I think there is a problem in C4D version

Is there bucket rendering in C4D version?

yes it is
how ever it does not solve the problem


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