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whats best recommendation for renderfarm for stills atm? ( best 6 sp2 or 7 sp1)


Dear All,

we have an internal farm so normally inot use renderfarms,but due to many renders i might need an external farm.

i used rebus in past, had some issues (wrong render results) , do you have recommendations other than rebus, in special for fast still renderings?
and maybe also better in price etc?

or has someone expereince setting up an EC2 instance to render on it (c4d+cor)


Hi Stefan,
not advertising for it, but for several years now, I use Ranchcomputing with sending jobs currently in R23+corona 7HF1 without unexpected results, although you must make sure to check if all your used plugins are supported in your C4D version here:

I specifically like it, that you can select both a render time (and so control max budget) and a noise treshold, for whichever comes first.
However no mobile app to follow progress, which was a feature I really liked on Rebus. Nonetheless you can follow-up on your profiles dashboard

I second that. RanchComputing are good in my oppinion ***** :-)

Hi there,

we're working with Rebus since early 2019.
So far there were some hickups (faulty nodes, unsupported shaders,...) bus all in all we're heppy with them.

One thing I particularly like about Rebus is their Customer Support.
With their chat you get help in a matter of minutes and even if the first guy to answer can't directly help, he'll do his best to find someone else that can.

Price-wise I don't have any recent comparisons but I bet there is many other possibilities out there.


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