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Poll: What are your favorite features in Corona Renderer?

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Hi all!

We like to hear what your most requested features are, but it would also help us set the direction for future development by hearing what your most liked existing features are.

If there is a feature that is your favorite which is not listed, please post it as a comment under the poll. Also, feel free to tell us why you voted for the features you choose - is it that they save you the most time? That they let you be more creative and expressive? That you use them many times every day and have come to rely on them?

The items are in no particular order (other than Corona 6 features on top), so please read through them all. We haven't set a limit on how many you can pick as favorites, so that is left up to you.

Thanks for your time in taking part!

Corona render is great until now. Thanks very much.
 I wish LightMix Setting Load is in Camera. So easy for Batch render.

The fact that you can assign interactive rendering to a viewport is really nice. So well integrated in 3ds max. I'd love to see more development on this, such as being able to switch between render elements (especially to check the albedo).

I really like the checkbox "Dissolve with previous image" in version 6, which brings back the blending in interactive rendering. It's way easier to see changes in interactive mode compared to the big pixels of subsampling.

The interactivityness of changing postprocess and effects on the VFB is great, even while rendering (as opposed to the feeling of changing those settings in the camera and how it's not interactive once you're rendering, which makes having postprocess per camera useless to me).

Real time bloom and glare is great.

Choosing an object from the camera to set depth of field is way better than using the camera target. That one was really good.

Corona Scatter was truly awesome. But with no more development on it is hard to place it on a list like this one.

Corona Select as maps and materials is very useful and a very good addition in my opinion.
Corona multimap and uvw randomizer are great and powerful, and all the modes (mesh, instance, primitive) is just awesome. Anything that provides randomness to the workflow is welcome. Randomness is key for realism.
The mix map and the layered material are great.

Definitely the sun and sky are very good. In my opinion there's still room for improvement: For example, the intensity and size of the sun as it goes down could change automatically to give softer sunsets. Same as the color: the sun should be more orange when it's very low in my opinion.

Not a feature, but the fact that you take the time to write down tooltips on every feature is very nice.

The Albedo render element is great. What I think could be better is an element that shows better where adaptive sampling still needs to work to reduce noise. Fstorm has a really good one with Green color for areas that are within the threshold, red for areas that need more work and black for areas with no noise (or something like that).

Even though I don't use it as much, lightmix is great.

I would add the translucency feature of the corona material. I remember that years ago I switched from Vray to Corona also due to that feature. It's much easier to setup realistic foliage in my opinion.

Simon George:
Corona Camera!


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