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[Max] I need help! / [solved] render node one over two
« on: 2022-11-29, 10:38:07 »

I bump into an issue, we recently change our workstation network to 10G.
All node remain with their onboard 1G integrated network card.

I change back my ip adresse to old one, so all licenses could communicate as before ->, ( fixed DHCP managed by our Internet box.)

6 nodes works perfectly, other never run.

And there is the issue; Some node connect and everything fine, other don't, they keep parsing, looking for a master there never find.

I Try:
- reinstall corona 9 as administrator
- rue DR server as administrator
- Check Port 19666 , it is open
- Dr server.exe is allowed trought firewall

any clue ? please

I have a very weird issue on many scenes.
No to try debuggind I started a new scene from scratch.
1-  juste one Map for models + corona sun sky . Render onmy workstation Alone Ok, Render + Distributed rendering Ok
2- Scene scene + HDri ,  Render onmy workstation Alone Ok, Render + Distributed rendering Ok
3- Scene scene + HDri + PROXIEs (trees),  Render onmy workstation Alone Ok, Render + Distributed rendering Wrong.... My Main workstation refuse to show and use proxy?? how is it possible. I know it is my worsktation as render takes some times to run on DR. And Immediatly Proxy does not show up.

IR Is OK, Alone Render Is OK,

All files are on my Network, Stored on a Qnap, All is Ok, acces Is ok, Cable are OK,
All max are up to date, All plus have same version, Corona is 8.2, Max 2022 last SP.
any clues ?


We are a small studio, we just add our last big workstation AMD 3970x to the render farm, and we get into trouble.
We have a camera sequence on a corona cam with Auto tilt Shift enable, All frame render correctly execpt all those of the AMD 3970x.

The 3970x OVER/Under tilt shift

All pc have 3dsmax 2021 update 1 / corona 5 hotfix 2 , forest/rclone/.... are all uptodate.

Is it and know issue ? Does Auto over and animation is a bad bad bad decision ?

thanks !

[Max] I need help! / Proxy RC1-2 not usable w/ 1.7.4
« on: 2018-06-22, 11:11:53 »

Got myself into a bad situation, I try and use Corona 2 Build since 2 to 3 month, Made a lot a proxy, max file, and library.

I work with anoher company, so I had to switch back to Corona 1.7.4, for my new works. and Find out that none of cproxy file are readable w/ 1.7.4 is this a known limitation?

For now I reinstall RC3 + merging proxy into mesh  -> save max file -> install 1.7.4 -> reproxy...



I got some very disturbing bug, I render frames over network for an animation, a simple flythrough, but on random nodes, Objects within Coronascatter "rotate".

I restart job three time, Stil same bug, BUT on some other nodes ! (ex. test01 bug on render 10 an 36, test02 bug on render 4 and 51,...)

We have over 60 Nodes, all have acces to the same ressources, have same corona version.

To give some extra info, I got A few multiscatter Too in this max file.

anyone got this issue?

[Max] Resolved Bugs / DR Render Node stuck on random stripe
« on: 2017-03-30, 15:27:13 »
Hi I m using Corona lastest build 1.6 27 March, But Bug was allready there in previus 1.6 beta.

Main Machine XEON 2973V4 64 Go Windows 10, Render Node  XEON 2973V4 48 Go Windows 10.

On a random basis, can't figure out how to have the bug, The node get stuck on a Stripe to render, And not contributing on the whole Image.
It is very annoying because the node doesn't allway contribute to the full render, and render passe go cray 1500 pass after 8 min...

See attached image.

I have no Render Region (Max of VFB) activated, and take special care to disable every region.

If someone have any clue.

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