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New Sky Volume effect and VDBs


I am wondering if anyone has seen problems when using the new Sky volume effect when you have VDB volumes in the same scene.

I am seeing flickers and little squares in the VDB (I have seen this before with the adaptive sampler causing squares).

Can you use volumes when you are using the new sky effect?


A known limitation at the moment, that using the new Sky volume effect means you can't have VDB volumetrics in the scene as they are likely to not render properly.

Thanks for letting us know. Is this to be fixed in the future?
We love Corona, but we always feel backed into a corner with things that just don't work.

Think Motion blur with changing topology, Camera inside Volumes, and now the great new sky model not having volumes anywhere else in the scene.

All these things make using this render very challenging.

But thanks again for the info.

OK, so I turned off the sky volume effect and rendered the VDBs again. But I am still getting the little black squares in the render.
The Adaptive light Solver is still on, not sure that is still causing issues in this render?


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