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Camera DOF broken


Hi there,

Set DoF on
Select override: object

Animating the object further away/closer to the camera will NOT change the DoF. The camera seems to lock in the initial distance to the object but doesn't update it during an animation if the "tracked" object moves. I noticed this the hard way :D

I am using Corona 7. I will manually animate the distance parameter as a workaround.


Can you share the scene, or more details at least? e.g. is this in IR, or final render? Is the tracked object part of a hierarchy or group or similar?

BTW working expected as here in a quick test, where I keyframed a moving object (a decal, as it happens) and set the override to that object, and in IR scrubbing through the timeline, the DOF tracked the object (Corona 8 latest daily just out today, hence the decal :) ).

Also just to check, are you sure the camera is controlling the DOF and not overall render settings instead, that you are viewing through that camera, and other such stuff (sorry, just trying to check all options even obvious ones, as not sure why this is happening for you)

EDIT :  After I reset the corona settings in my problematic scene all is fine... It was an older scene, made with older corona so maybe that was the culprit. I keep forgetting to reset settings when opening old scene. Sorry for this!

Hi there,

Sorry for the lack of details, I was in the middle of the project and just quickly typed here.

 It was in the final render. I had the correct camera, no perspective or other things like that. And the camera does control the DOF, as it takes the initial distance to the object. The object was a simple sphere, not linked, not grouped in anyway.

 I will have one more look and I will get back here with my results.

TY for the extra info, always helps! It does take time though, so we understand it's not always possible - and of course a big hurrah that you resolved it! Good thinking about the reset settings, these under-the-hood things can have unexpected effects. Awesome that it is now working as intended :)


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