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Bump changes strength depending on pixel size of the object on screen

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Hi George, I've attached the scene in my first post, look at the bottom of the attachments - Hope this helps!


--- Quote from: GeorgeK on 2021-10-11, 13:31:59 ---I am afraid I was unable to reproduce these comparisons successfully, granted I wasn't able to test this on F-Storm just yet, but for Corona-Vray-Arnold-LuxCore bump fidelity pretty much returned the same, with material settings set at 1.5 IOR and 0.5 Roughness.  Would it be possible to share that exact example scene with us?

--- End quote ---
One situation where this becomes really visible is if you use a bump map on a glass surface - for example a tiled gradient like on old car headlights. I've ran into this a few times, bump becomes 'invisible' if the object is small or camera is farther away. Close to the camera bump works and anything behind the glass is nicely distorted, farther away it looks as if there is no bump at all and the glass surface is clean and even.

Thanks everyone, will be looking into it further.

(Report ID=CRMAX-827)


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