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Cosmos browser not open


After installing Corona 9 on a new computer, the browser stopped opening. 
Just a white screen. 
Reinstalling did nothing...
Also the file config.json is missing in the folder ChaosCosmos...
Everything works fine on the old one.

Second problem:
Corona 10 beta - it works fine on old m1 and iMac! On the new M1 Max gives a crash Corona4D.xlib on startup.

Why...? Help me please!

Hi there,
Could you please uninstall Corona and its components and make sure there are no leftover files and folders (remove any remaining Chaos/Corona folder in your computer) before trying to install it again?
Then, temporarily disable any firewall or any AV installed on your computer before running the installer again.
Complete the installation and see if the issue persists.
Please keep me posted. ;-)

Here's what happened after

I think I found a bug... I reinstalled everything again and didn't install the new update ChaosCosmos! 
Now everything works!

We're glad to hear you got it working.


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