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Hi there, for the broken bitmaps, can you try using a C4D bitmap and let us know the outcome? If they are still broken, please feel free to shoot through the scene. An uploader can be found in my signature below. :)

Well now this is a possible breakthrough. I just did two tests based on your recommendation Beanzvision.

1.  I replaced all Corona Bitmap nodes with C4D bitmap nodes. I also removed the Shared Colorizer node. Collected scene is perfect.

2.  I replaced all Corona Bitmap nodes with C4D bitmap nodes. This time, I left the Shared Colorizer in place. Collected scene is perfect as well.

Not sure if removing the Corona Bitmap nodes will allow scenes to work with dedicated render farms or not, but it makes me curious. Is it possible that the bitmap node is the main culprit and on the shared issue?

P.S. Too bad there isn't a visual difference in between the bitmap nodes. Right now, Corona and C4D Bitmap nodes appear identical until I click on each one to see it's name in the side panel. Maybe there's a setting that can be changed?

That's a good comment on the fact they are both visually identical - that trips me up in testing things sometimes :)

(Internal ID=987947135)

Just wanted to add something new I just discovered on this topic. I sent a job to the Render Queue which showed an error and listed a lot of missing assets the queue, even though they are all linked properly.

I just discovered that if you go in the Project Assets Inspector, select all your assets and hit the Consolidate Assets option, C4D will collect everything and save just the assets to a new folder. No sign of that random-named texture map I was seeing with the materials that used Corona Bitmap node.

Two caveats to this "workaround". The consolidate option did NOT collect the .vrmesh for the Cosmos model I added to this test scene or the HDRI for some reason. Still much faster than replacing materials on the other system/farm where the rendering will take place.

The last point is C4D's assets inspector will show the warning icon that the assets are there, but have the wrong path. Just a quick asset re-link and ready to render.


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