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Tonemapping settings inheritance broken

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Bump ! This issue is still in the latest daily.

Hi there,
Thanks for providing additional info so we can better understand the issue.
Did you try using the Tonemapping settings for the Render settings? (you can find them in the Rendering settings -> Corona -> Camera/Postprocessing tab)
This way, you will use the tone mapping settings per render setting instead of using the ones located in the Corona Camera tag.
I hope this helps.
Please let us know the outcome.
Kind regards.

Hi Benji,

Yes I'm using that, and it's precisely the issue. I would like that the tonemapping settings could work as in the previous versions.
I set my tonemapping settings in the parent Render Settings, and the settings should "trickle down" to the children Render Settings. It's the native C4D way to manage render settings, I use it for every other RS ( Render stop conditions, denoiser settings, etc ) and the new Tonemapping stack broke it.

Right now I have to do the following :

• set the tonemapping
• save the settings in a postprocess file
• reload it for every individual render settings ( so one for each image format in the project )
• and redo it everytime I have changed the tonemapping, if I'm looking for consistency between images ( very often but not always )

So instead having one place to manage this, I have to jump through hoops to do the same thing as before.

Right now the "best" workaround is to use the Camera tag instead : I usually do the postprocessing in the VFB, and then use the "copy render settings" button in the Corona Camera tag, and then copy/paste the tag to every camera. But again, it is quite a step backward compared to the previous version.

Also one more thing, the tonemapping settings in the Camera Tag and in the Render Settings lack the Save/Load command available in the VFB ;)


Camera Tag

Render Settings

Hi John_Do,
Thank you for the additional info, and we're sorry for any inconvenience.
The dev team is already investigating a better approach to improve the tone-mapping workflow.
For the sake of completing the report to the dev team, could you please provide me with a recording of your workflow (showing your workaround) so I can include it in the report along with the screenshots you already sent?
Regarding the "Save" & "Load" buttons for the Corona Camera tag, it is implied that if you copy & paste the tag to another camera, settings are copied, so this means no need for Save & Load buttons.
I'm glad you've managed to find a workaround, but once again, we're sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi Guys, we here in our office have an similar bug with tonemapping when we use c4d´s TAKE-SYSTEM. We usually use different cameras and sky setups per take. Now, if we render a batch by calling up the command "render marked takes to PV" tonemapping is not canging to the assigned rendersettings. It only works if you switch to the main-take and create a new rendersetting without corona render. (I attached a little testscene for better understanding if necessary).
Cheers sV


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