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Recent Hotfix broke 'Start IR'

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So I updated my Corona Render in Cinema 4D this morning and now I can no longer use the interactive render in Cinema 4D using Corona.

I hold my mouse over the Render button and click Start IR and then the program does nothing, previously it worked just fine as it should in the same scene.

A hotfix I thought would fix problems not break them! Please get this looked at asap.

Hi there, which hotfix are you referring to? Can you also test this one out and let us know the outcome?

Also, which C4D version, and which OS and version, please.

Cinema4D R26 on the latest version with Corona Render 8 Hotfix 1 on Windows 11.

My PC set up is an AMD Ryzen 5950X with an RTX 3090 FE with 64GB DDR4 3600mhz RAM.

Updated to Corona 9 and still experiencing the same problem. It was working just fine before the Hotfix.


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